Investor Relations Activities

Capital Policy

At Shimadzu Corporation, growth investments, which are essential to improve our corporate value, are our primary priority.
In addition, our dividend policy is to pay dividends with consideration to the state of profitability, while making the continuation of stable dividends fundamental.
We will continue to focus our efforts on improving our business performance, aiming to strengthen our profitability as well as our financial structure, with the goal of improving the return on equity (ROE).

Promoting the Timely and Proactive Disclosure of Information

At Shimadzu Corporation, we proactively release timely information to securities analysts and corporate investors, striving to provide fair value in the market.

Convening Periodic Presentations and Implementing Proactive One-on-One Meetings

Investor Relations (IR) Presentation

Investor Relations (IR) Presentation

In terms of financial results, a presentation is convened as soon as possible after the information is released, in order to provide a detailed explanation. In terms of interim results and full year results, presentations are convened for securities analysts and corporate investors, and an explanation is provided by the President regarding the content of the financial results and performance estimates. In addition, in terms of the first quarter and third quarter results, explanations are provided by the director in charge of investor relations via telephone conferencing. Further, presentations are also provided on our three-year management plan, during which medium-term management and performance guidance is disclosed by the President.
At the same time, information is provided in a timely manner by the implementation as needed of presentations on major business activities, as well as on-site presentations in regions of interest to investors, and the provision of information at booths at trade shows. We also proactively implement one-on-one meetings with corporate investors in and outside Japan, including participation in events convened by securities companies. Through intense discussions, we strive continuously to be better understood. In addition, for our individual investors, we strive to provide information through the implementation of business presentations, and participation in presentations convened by securities companies.

Release of a Wealth of Materials

Shimadzu Corporation releases a variety of IR materials intended for stockholders and investors. Earnings reports, materials from presentations on financial results, materials on our medium-term management plans, and fact books are also released in English editions. Annual reports are now integrated with the environmental and social reports as the Shimadzu Report. In addition to also providing an English edition of Shimadzu Report, its issuance is announced through powerful overseas financial media.
At the same time that these materials are issued, they are posted in Japanese and English on our corporate website, to quickly provide information to corporate investors in and outside Japan.

Incorporation in the Socially Responsible Investment Index

In addition to profitability and financial strength, with regards to Socially Responsible Investment (SRI), which evaluates measures involving environmental conservation and contributions to society, Shimadzu shares have been incorporated in the FTSE4GOOD Index Series since September 2005 (as of April 2017). In this index, social corporate efforts, such as measures for employees, are highly regarded.
In future, we will strive to heighten our corporate social efforts, and to maintain transparency.