Human Resource Management Policies

Characteristics Expected of Our Employees

  1. Boldly embraces challenges in new fields by aiming high with a long-term view, originality, and a positive and enterprising spirit, not limited by precedent or convention, and without fear of failure.
  2. Acts with speed, faithfully engages in his/her mission with a sense of responsibility once it's started, never gives it up until it's finished, and tries to apply learned processes and experiences to the next challenge.
  3. Maintains a desire for personal growth and a commitment to continuously strengthening and improving the overall capabilities of the organization he/she belongs to, acquires a higher level of knowledge and skills than customers and competitors, and strives to be an expert in their field (the department or organization in their charge, their assigned field or their area of expertise/specialty).
  4. Earnestly strives to meet the expectations of customers and other relevant people inside and outside the company, is committed to building trust, values cooperating with others, and acts unselfishly for the highest good of the whole.
Global Manager Training

Shimadzu provides global manager training for managers of overseas Group companies.
In addition to developing a deeper understanding of Shimadzu's history and business operations, the purpose of the training is to foster a sense of being a leader and teach management skills that will be useful in the workplace, such as communication that increases the motivation of subordinates. The first training session in 2015 included 19 participants from eight countries.
Responses from the managers that participated included "I learned about Shimadzu's history and globalization" and "It gave me an opportunity to become acquainted with other
managers from various other countries and expand the network of contacts."