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Optical module and Optical device

  • All gratings
  • Diffraction Grating for Laser Systems
  • Diffraction Gratings for Optical Communication
  • NIR High Efficiency Gratings for S-polarization
  • Plane gratings
  • Concave gratings for polychromators
  • Concave gratings for monochromators
  • Aberration-corrected Toroidal Gratings for Flat-field Polychromators
  • Equally spaced straight-groove Toroidal Diffraction Grating
  • Laminar Gratings for the vacuum ultra violet region
  • Laminar-type Replica Diffraction Gratings for Soft X-ray Region
  • Precision grating plates
  • Aspherical mirrors
  • Lenses
  • Laser Mirrors & Laser Windows
  • Polka-Dot Beamsplitters
  • Motorized Compact Monochromators SPG-120-REV
  • Precision Refractometer(KPR Series)
  • Others(Optical module and Optical device)

    Laser module and Laser device

  • Fiber-Coupled Blue Direct Diode Laser
  • Multiple-Wavelength Laser Module
  • UV laser(CW 266nm DUV Laser)
  • Compact green laser module
  • Compact low noise green laser module
  • Laser diode pumped solid state laser "HK-5601/5606"
  • Laser diode pumped solid state laser "HK-5620/5625"
  • Frequency doubled diode laser
  • LD module
  • OEM Compatible Laser Assembly(Customizable)
  • PPMgSLT crystal(QPM-type wavelength-conversion device)
  • Others(Laser module and Laser device)

    Microsampling Device

  • MSW2 (Microsampling Wing, Microsampling™ Windmill™)

Please select the application note

  • To receive an application note about concave diffraction gratings