Pricing Request for Laminar Gratings for the Vacuum Ultraviolet Region

To enquire about plane gratings with specifications that differ from the standard specifications please fill out the form below and be sure to include any requests for information.
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Product Information

1. Quantity sheets
2. Material
  • Silica
  • Other :
3. Dimensions (mm)
  • Width, W (perpendicular to grooves)(or Φ ) : ± x
  • Height, H(parallel to grooves) : ±
    x Thickness at center, T : ±

  • * The thickness is usually around one sixth(1/6) of the diagonal( for rectangular blanks) or diameter( for round blanks).
4. Radius of curvature
  • Plane.....Surface accuracy : λ
  • Concave.....R : mm
configuration of grating
5. Surface roughness
  • Highly smooth polished surface (within 0.5nm RMS)
  • Regular polished surface (approx. 1nm RMS)
6. Ruled region
  • Entire surface except for a rim of 2mm
  • Width, W (perpendicular to grooves)(or Φ ) : mm
    x Height, H(parallel to grooves) : mm
    ( must be smaller than the entire surface less a rim of 2mm )
7. Effective area
  • Entire surface except for a rim of 3mm
  • Width, W (perpendicular to grooves)(or Φ ) : mm
    x Height, H(parallel to grooves) : mm
    ( must be smaller than the ruled region less a rim of 1mm )
8. Groove density grooves/mm groove profile for laminar gratings
9. Groove depth ( h ) nm
10. Duty ratio (D = a/d )
11. Coating material
  • Au ( with an undercoat of Ni-Cr or Cr, approx.2 to 5 nm thick )
  • Other :
12. Coating thickness nm
13. Mounting
  • Constant-deviation mounting...Deviation angle(2K): deg.
  • Fixed incident-angle mounting...Incident angle : deg.
  • Other   Provide a list of wavelengths and incident angles.
14. Diffraction order (m)
  • +1
  • -1
15. Wavelength range nm to nm
( The Wavelength corresponding to the peak relative diffraction efficiency is approx. 1.2 to 1.3 times the minimum wavelength.)
16. Peak wavelength nm
( If a peak wavelength is specified, there may, depending on this value, be regions within the specified wavelength region that cannot be used.)
17. Other requirements