Horizontal Soft Type Balancing MachineS Series (2-Plane)


Standard model applicable to various field of industries

Shimadzu dynamic balancing machine "DYNAMIC BALANCE PRO" S-Series saves installation area (50% less than our conventional products). This machine is applicable to various field of industries and has big advantage to balance measurement.


  • The compact design united with the measuring device, the main frame of a personal computer, the liquid crystal display monitor, and the main frame of a unit.
  • Touch-panel monitor adoption realizes easy operability.
  • Operating system and an application program adopt Compact Flash strong against particulates.
  • A weight saving is carried out from the conventional article of our implementation, and I equip standardly the safe covering which becomes and closes it easy to open.
  • I am enabling the association for an English-language edition and the Chinese version, and an activity overseas is also safe.


Model S-3NEII
Workpiece Weight (kg) 0.03 to 3
Max. Workpiece Diameter (mm) 200
Testing Speed (rpm) 700 to 3600 (Depending on outer diameter of work piece)
Drive motor (w) 90
Min. Achievable Eccentric Distance (μm) 0.05 (Mass eccentricity for a work piece of max. weight)
Min. Achievable Unbalance on One-Plane (g・mm) 0.015
Size (W×D×H mm) 450×895×589
Weight (kg) 100
Power supply Single-phase 100V 10A 1KVA

Note: Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.

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