Anti-Reflective Coating System for Solar Cells



Shimadzu has adopted a newly developed hollow-cathode plasma source and the direct plasma method to create the MCXS plasma CVD system, which is capable of forming anti-reflective coating that are highly resistant to PID at high throughput and low running costs. By terminating crystal defects on the surface and inside of the substrate with a high-density plasma and improving the performance of solar cells, this system contributes to a higher conversion efficiency.

Features of MCXS

1. Proof of High PID Resistance

The test conducted by AIST were performed for 168 hours at 25°C, with the module cover glass immersed in water, and at 1,000 V. The results indicate no drop-off in output from solar cell modules manufactured using deposition by the Shimadzu system.
This product contributes to the supply of highly reliable solar cells.

2. Contribution to Enhanced Solar Cell Production Capacity

The newly developed hollow-cathode plasma source generates high-density plasma that improves the decomposition efficiency of the source gas and achieves the highest deposition rate (at least 100 nm/minute) by the direct plasma method in the industry.
Furthermore, the inline high-speed transport mechanism achieves a throughput of over 1,700 wafers per hour, higher than that of any other conventional system in the class, to contribute to higher production capacity of the overall production line.

3. Lower Cost

As well as high-speed deposition and compact system design achieved by vertical substrate loading, the system also reduces the upkeep and maintenance expenses through longer maintenance periods, one-third the power consumption of previous systems, and half the running costs. That is, it is an energy-saving manufacturing system that reduces the energy costs associated with solar cell manufacture and improves the efficiency of source gas use.

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