Corporate Ethics/ Compliance

Corporate Ethics/ Compliance

Basic Policy

For Shimadzu, who operates businesses globally, trust from society is essential for our business activities. Therefore, given that compliance should be prioritized above all else, we have specified the following five principles of conduct in the corporate code of ethics, which is a guideline for employee behavior. As a global company, we strive to conduct our daily activities in a manner that earns trust throughout the world and provides employees with a company where they can work with a sense of pride.

  1. Customer-oriented approach
  2. Fairness and transparency
  3. Dialogues with stakeholders
  4. Contribution to society and global environment conservation
  5. Respect for the creativity and individuality of employees

Corporate Philosophy

Competing and Conducting Transactions Fairly

Our CSR Charter, and other policies subject to that Charter, specify that we will observe all applicable laws, regulations, and other social norms, and act in an open and fair manner, in our business activities that are developed in various countries or when representing the company in our private lives.

Improving Transparency of Relationships with Medical and Other Institutions

In order to be a company that can obtain the trust of society, we have increased the transparency of relationships with medical institutions and others whose cooperation is essential for developing, manufacturing, importing, and selling medical devices by publishing a Guideline for Transparency of Relationships with Medical and Other Institutions and disclosing all funds provided to medical institutions or other relevant parties.

Internal Audits

Corporate business activities in specialized fields are monitored by internal audits conducted by respective departments, such as sales, research and development, or manufacturing, and by corporate administrative departments. In addition, an Internal Audit Department (with six internal auditors) is established, which is directly under the president, to perform internal audits from a perspective that is independent from the normal hierarchy for executing administrative processes, including for Group companies, and to evaluate and ensure the effectiveness of internal controls.

Corporate Ethics

Measures to Instill Awareness of Corporate Ethics

To promote deeper awareness of the corporate ethics, we have created a Handbook for Corporate Ethics and Guideline for Conduct that summarizes key elements from the Corporate Code of Ethics, which serves as a guideline for employee behavior, in more easily understandable terms. In addition, we also conduct compliance training at the Head Office and Group companies in Japan, not only by using annual e-learing classes(The participation rate in 2021: 95.8%) or educational booklets, for example, but also by conducting group training sessions.

Corporate Ethics Study Booklet

Corporate Ethics Study Booklet

Corporate Ethics and Code of Conduct Handbook

Corporate Ethics and Code of Conduct Handbook

Provision of a Corporate Ethics Consultation and Notification Contact Points

To prevent corporate ethics problems, or identify and address them as early as possible, all full employees and other personnel working in the Shimadzu Group have been informed that contact points have been established within and outside the company for consultation and notification. In response to such consultations or notifications, personnel at the contact points can cooperate with relevant departments to investigate, implement corrective actions, and/or implement measures to prevent recurrence, as necessary. Rules are also established to protect personnel that consult or notify the contact points, such as rules that prohibit unfavorable treatment. In fiscal 2019, we received 40 consultations and notifications.

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