“To better care for
my patients, I would prefer
to always use the latest

“Even products that are not very old can feel like their performance level is from a previous era. It becomes difficult to safely adopt new procedures when the system is not due to be replaced and doesn’t include the latest technology built for the latest procedures.”

Always Providing a State-of-the-Art Medical Environment without Compromising
that Sense of Satisfaction
by the Users after Introducing a New System

Periodic Updates
Keep the System Up-to-Date

Periodic updates to the software
package ensure the latest functionality
is always available.

Software update packages are also available on fixed-term contracts. Functionality can be updated based on the changing needs in the workplace, allowing institutions to access a state-of-the-a rt treatment environment while minimizing cost.

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After-Sales Services
Ensures Systems Will Provide
Long Life Cycles

System design provides powerful support
to reduce downtime, reduce installation
and maintenance time and to ensure
a continuously reliable operation.

Improvements to our delivery process will shorten the time between delivery and startup. A simplified design is robust and easy to maintain, and when combined with after-sales-service solutions, ensures high performance for the product’s lifetime.

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Eco-design for Future

The highly expandable platform design
makes it easy to accommodate
changes in clinical practices.

In addition to the versatile hardware design, the functionality of the system can be easily expanded or upgraded. It can smoothly keep pace with changes, such as offering new types of procedures or entering new clinical services as a result of changing hospital strategies.

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