RSNA2016 Radiology Exhibition Report from Chicago

Dec 15, 2016
RSNA2016 Passion for Details

In the world largest radiology conference RSNA 2016 at Chicago Illinois USA, Shimadzu introduced the latest healthcare solutions under our exhibit theme “Passion for Details "Passion for Details - Discovering new clinical values in X-ray imaging"

It is passion that we have to develop the medical diagnostic imaging products throughout the long history of X-ray diagnosis. We received a lot of customers at our booth and introduced new clinical value provided by the passion for the details of various needs of the medical scene.


“With Your Stories - lifetime healthcare support”
Shimadzu aims to contribute to the various medical scenes, from prevention, diagnosis, Treatment and follow up with keeping close to people by the medical imaging and the industry leading analytical technology.

Main Exhibited Models

Universal RF system SONIALVISION G4

SONIALVISION G4 is the multipurpose system which can be used in the wide range of applications including the orthopedic, urological, and pediatric and elderly patient care in addition to routine fluoroscopic studies. This system is appreciated in the U.S. where the efficient use of the healthcare facility is required recently, and we introduced the clinical images of various fields which attracted the many visitors. Also we introduced the applications like Tomosynthesis, T-smart and Slot advance which have been future reduced the radiation dose.

Universal RF system SONIALVISION G4

Cardiovascular system, Trinias F12 MiX package

MiX package aims to the further minimum invasive and the functional reinforcement which is useful during the treatment. We have received high evaluation from the customers that the system can provide the higher image quality with lower dose. At this exhibition, we showcased the floor-mounted C-arm with 12inch FPD system which covers the whole body area, and introduced the actual clinical images of the multi-purpose usage. Also the applications software to support the minimum invasive treatment attracted the people, such as TraceMAP which makes it easier to see the vessel bifurcation by the superimposed image of the extracted vessel contour on the fluoroscopy image, and SCORE StentView+Plus which improves the detection efficiency.

Universal RF system SONIALVISION G4

Digital Radiography System RADspeed Pro EDGE package

The third party assessment organization, KLAS awarded BEST in KLAS in the digital X-ray category to Shimadzu RADspeed series as the most highly evaluated product by the medical facilities. RADspeed Pro EDGE package realizes the stable performance and excellent operability, and we introduced the application software like Tomosysnthesis, Dual Energy Subtraction, and Speed Stitching useful in the orthopedic and chest examinations, and can be used on both bucky stand and table. Tomosysnthesis can easily acquire the arbitrary tomography image by a single tomography, and it is well accepted from the work-flow efficiency point of view because it is possible to acquire the next image during the reconstruction of the Tomosysnthesis by the dedicated workstation for the image reconstruction.

Shimadzu won BEST IN KLAS annual award in the Digital Radiography category

Mobile C-arm system OPESCOPE ACTENO

The system has the counter-balanced C-arm and it can be moved quickly to the direction where the customer want to observe. Also the newly released application, Touch Focus especially attracts the people. The application can adjust the X-ray condition automatically optimized to the ROI by touching the monitor on the main unit of the Mobile C-arm.

Digital Mobile X-ray MobileDaRtEvolution MX7 version

Shimadzu digital mobile X-ray systems reached 3,000 units. That proves the high product quality. With the accumulated technology knowhow obtained from our long experience, we continue to evolve the system. We showcased the MobileDaRtEvolution MX7 version which is equipped with the 17inch wide view angle monitor and various DR solutions. Shimadzu also won the KLAS CATEGPRY LEADER following the last year.

Shimadzu won BEST IN KLAS annual award in the Digital Radiography category 

Thank you for visiting our booth at RSNA.