Select the item, then simulate its movements/operations.
* Simulation for R/F table's movements are not available.

Place the devices

Place Bucky Table, Stand or R/F table etc. as desired.

Place the Bucky Table / Stand.

You can move or erase the Bucky Table / Stand. To add the Bucky Table / Stand again after your erasing, please go to "Add an item".

Add an item

You can add monitors, desk / cabinet(as a box), door, window etc.
For room plan for an R/F system, add its main table unit here.

Wall/Floor Design

Click on the wall or floor to select its design.

Fix its position

You can fix the place of that item by your check in "Fix its position".

Save / Open / Contact

You can save your planned layout data by "Save". By "Open", you can re-open that saved data to edit again.
If you need our supports to finalize your room plan or to ask any questions, please click "Contact".

* Gridlines by 10cm. Bold lines by 50cm. * Gridlines by 4". Bold lines by 2'.

Ceiling X-ray Tube Suspension 1 CH-200
Bucky Table BK-200(L)
Bucky Table BK-120(L)
Bucky Stand BR-120T
Bucky Stand BR-120
Ceiling X-ray Tube Suspension CH-200
Ceiling X-ray Tube Suspension 1
Ceiling X-ray Tube Suspension 2

You can select model type and installing direction of the Ceiling Suspension.

Cabinet CH-200
Bucky table BK-120 (L)
Bucky table BK-200 (L)
Bucky Stand
Measure the distance between two points.