Take a Virtual 3D Tour of Shimadzu’s Research Laboratories,
Showrooms, and Related Facilities.

Research Laboratory / Showroom

Shimadzu Tokyo Innovation Plaza

This development center for applied technologies was established at King Skyfront in Kawasaki to create new industries in the life sciences and environmental fields. We utilize this location to promote collaborative research and provide solutions to customers.

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  • Research Laboratory 
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    Shimadzu Future Collaboratory

    Shimadzu has opened the SHIMADZU Future Collaboratory, a new research building within the Technology Research Laboratory site, which is located in the Keihanna Science City (in Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto). The purpose of the collaboratory is to promote research and development in the fields of advanced analysis, brain/five senses, innovative biotechnology, and artificial intelligence (AI), in an effort to create new value and solve challenges in society.

  • Research Laboratory 
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    KYOLABS is a collaboratory facility established in 2019 within the Shimadzu Corporation Head Office grounds to promote open innovation, mainly in healthcare. This page describes the purpose, activities, and facilities of KYOLABS.

  • Showroom

    Science Plaza

    Products on display at Science Plaza include examples of analytical and measuring instruments, aircraft equipment, and industrial machinery that Shimadzu offers to industries worldwide. This tour introduces how these products are used in society in each industrial field.

  • Research Laboratory

    UFMS Future Lab

    Shimadzu’s proprietary Ultra-Fast Mass Spectrometry (UFMS) technology offers industry-leading speed, sensitivity, and operation that sets new global standards in Mass Spectrometry (MS). On 19 September 2023, Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) commemorated the opening of the UFMS Future Laboratory with over 100 customers in attendance to witness the inauguration.

  • Research Laboratory / Showroom

    Laboratory World

    Shimadzu Europe has opened the Laboratory World in 2016 for its customers from all over Europe. On an area greater than 1,500 m2, testing facilities are available for Shimadzu’s entire product range – from chromatographs, spectrophotometers, TOC analyzers, mass spectrometers and balances up to material testing machines. Mass spectrometry, a technology that Shimadzu has shaped significantly in recent years, will be highlighted in its dedicated space. In addition, laboratory areas for customer applications and seminar facilities are being expanded.

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    Of the 11,000 items in the museum archives, the items exhibited here mainly focus on historical documents and products that show the development of Shimadzu business and technology and advances in Japanese science and technology during the modern era.