August 1, 2018 | News & Notices New "AP225W" Semi-micro Analytical Balance Enables Measurements up to 220 g on the Order of 0.01 mg

"AP225W" Semi-micro Analytical Balance

Shimadzu announces the release of its "AP225W" semi-micro analytical balance. While being capable of measuring up to 220 g, it also features a minimum reading of 0.01 mg (1/100,000th of a gram).

This high-end model completes measurements in approximately two seconds, and can measure up to 220 g on the order of 0.01 mg. Using the standard attachment "AP holder," a measuring flask or test tube can be held in a tilted position. Moreover, incorporating the optional "STABLO-AP" ionizer on the main unit will quickly eliminate static electricity charged on the container and sample, thus enhancing the reliability of measurements. Connecting the AP225W to the "LabSolutions Balance" measurement data management system enables an environment that complies with various standards.

Background to the Development

In such industries as pharmaceutical, chemical, and contract testing laboratory that require rare, trace samples to be measured on the order of 0.01 mg, it is necessary to measure the samples while they remain in a flask, test tube, or other glass container. Such measures are taken in order to avoid measurement discrepancies caused by samples remaining on the weighing paper and changes in physical properties due to chemical reasons. Also, given the need for highly precise measurements of the amount used or the amount of changes when managing the quality of large amounts of reagents, analytical balances with larger weighing capacities are now in demand.

In order to address such needs, Shimadzu has pooled its mass sensor technologies and digital control technologies to develop a semi-micro model that offers the largest weighing capacity, the AP225W.


1. Quick, Stable Measurement

The measurement of trace amounts on the order 0.01 mg can be completed in approx two seconds. Moreover, Shimadzu's unique technology to compensate temperature changes reduces the sensitivity variation due to temperature changes, enabling long-term stable measurements.

2. Quick, Accurate Measurement of Containers with "AP Holder" and Ionizer

The product comes with a AP holder that allows placing a glass container, such as a measuring flask or test tube, in the weighing chamber for measurement. This AP holder holds glass containers in a tilted position so the sample can be poured easily, simplifying measuring work. Furthermore, the optional STABLO-AP ionizer can be incorporated in the balance to quickly eliminate static electricity of the entire weighing chamber, including the surface of glass containers, which shortens measurement time and improves reliability.

3. Variety of Functions to Support Analyses Using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography and Data Management

The product is equipped with a variety of functions that benefit the high-performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) user, including a function for remembering chemical recipes and a measuring guide. The product can be incorporated into the Shimadzu network system using the LabSolutions Balance measurement data management system. This enables integrated data management with a variety of analytical instruments, in an environment that complies with various standards and regulations, including ISO 17025 and ISO 9001.

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"AP225W" semi-micro analytical balance