August 20, 2015 | News & Notices Release of CGT-7100 All-In-One Portable Infrared Gas Analyzers with a Built-in Pretreatment Unit and Supporting Wi-Fi Communication

CGT-7100 Portable Infrared Gas Analyzer

Shimadzu Corporation announces the release of the CGT-7100 Portable Infrared Gas Analyzers. These analyzers are capable of real-time monitoring of the concentration of gases such as carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), and methane (CH4).

With their design and user interface totally changed from the previous CGT-7000 model, these portable infrared gas analyzers have been developed to provide solutions for diverse instruments, measurement data, and applications. Featuring built-in pretreatment units these devices enable analyses to be performed on a single instrument. Users can check data without using a recorder because these analyzers support wireless data communication via Wi-Fi and data readout using a USB flash drive. The following three types of product are available so that a model can be selected according to the customer's purposes.

  • Type 1: CO-CO2 analyzer for measuring combustion emission gas
  • Type 2: CO-CH4 analyzer for fuel cell research
  • Type 3: CO-CO2 analyzer for catalyst research (low-flow measurement type)


Background to the Development

Portable infrared gas analyzers are used for research and development and for quality control of heat source equipment such as gas water heaters and gas stoves. Recently, the need for such analyzers is increasing in the new energy and environment fields. They are also used to monitor the concentration of methane gas in natural gas and to measure the concentration of carbon monoxide gas generated as an impurity in research for creating higher-efficiency and longer-operating fuel cells. In research into catalysts for use in fuel reforming equipment for creating hydrogen from natural gases, there is also a demand for instruments that allow measurements at an extremely low gas flowrate and that also allow concentration measurements of high-concentration carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

To deal with these kinds of measurement, three types of CGT-7100 Portable Gas Analyzers are offered. They also provide improved data management features for diversified applications, and support wireless data communication via Wi-Fi and data readout using a USB flash drive.

Features of New Products

1. Measurements Performed on a Single Unit

Since the main unit has a built-in sampling unit with a cooler and pump, measurements can be performed on a single instrument without requiring any special pretreatment units. Because of their simple construction with fewer moving parts, the instruments are less likely to suffer from failures and are easy to maintain.

2. Data Communication via Wi-Fi

Wireless data communication via Wi-Fi is now possible so that users can check measurement data in realtime using an iPad(iOS 8.1 or later). The instruments also support data readout from a USB flash drive. This feature eliminates the need to carry a data logger or recorder to the measurement site, increasing operation efficiency.

3. Supporting Measurements at Low Flowrates

The Type 3 analyzer that is suitable for research into catalysts can provide measurements in a gas flowrate range between 100 mL/min and 400 mL/min. (Shimadzu's other models: 2.5 L/min) Using this type, measurements can be performed even when the gas flow is insufficient, for example, in a combustion experiment. Consequently, they can be used for a wide range of research-related applications in addition to research into catalysts.

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