November 11, 2015 | News & Notices Expanding Global Strategic Products
and Commercial Aircraft Equipment Business
Shimadzu Supplying New Equipment for Boeing Aircraft

Shimadzu Corporation announced it is deliverying new orders for three components to be fitted on aircraft made by Boeing, the world's largest aircraft manufacturer.
The equipment includes:
"APU Air Inlet Door Actuator" for Boeing 737 MAX
"APU Air Inlet Door Actuator" for Boeing 777
"Ground Spoiler Control Module" for Boeing 737 MAX
Shimadzu has positioned these commercial aircraft sector products as global strategic products. The Boeing 737 MAX is scheduled to make its maiden flight in 2016, and according to Boeing's press release, as of September 15, 2015, orders for 2,869 airplanes from 58 airlines around the world have been received.

APU Air Inlet Door Actuator

The APU Air Inlet Door Actuator is an electrically driven actuator that opens and closes a door to let fresh air, needed to drive the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) gas turbine engine, into the aircraft. Until now, Shimadzu has been responsible for the manufacture of the APU Air Inlet Door Actuators on the Boeing 747/747-8/757/767/787. These new orders reflect the highly rated results that have been achieved so far on Shimadzu's existing designs.

Ground Spoiler Control Module

The Ground Spoiler Control Module is a hydraulic pressure supply valve for the hydraulic actuator
built into in the ground spoiler system which reduces the landing distance by quickly slowing the
speed of the aircraft when it touches down. Manufacturing a Ground Spoiler Control Module is a first for Shimadzu, and it is also the first time for Shimadzu to supply equipment and parts for ground spoiler systems to Boeing.

Reference: About Boeing Aircraft

Boeing 737 MAX

Thanks to its high reliability, the Boeing 737 is recognized as being the world's most successful
commercial aircraft. Since it first went into service, the Next-Generation 737 in particular, which boasts the industry's highest on-time departure rate of 99.7 %, has consolidated the position of the 737 in the single-aisle aircraft market. The Boeing Company decided to develop the latest variant, the 737 MAX, in August 2011 with the aim of improving the performance of the 737 even further. In addition to boasting the reliability of Next-Generation 737s, the 737 MAX achieves the best fuel efficiency in the single-aisle aircraft market. Development of the 737 MAX is progressing steadily. The aircraft specifications were decided in July 2013, and the first flight is planned for 2016 with delivery of the first aircraft scheduled for 2017.

Boeing 777

The Boeing 777 family of airplanes, highlighted by the passenger preferred 777-300ER (Extended Range), is distinguished by its fuel-efficiency, spacious cabin interior, range capability, commonality and reliability. The 777 provides the most payload and range capability and growth potential in the medium-sized airplane category — all with low operating costs.

Shimadzu Aircraft Equipment Division

Since resuming its Aircraft Equipment Division in 1955, Shimadzu has developed and manufactured
many aircraft components through technology licenses with companies involved in the U.S. aircraft
industry. In the commercial aircraft field, Shimadzu started production of parts for the Boeing 737 in 1976, and since then, the company has supplied parts for the Boeing aircraft such as gearboxes, air system check valves, and electromechanical actuators, as well as equipment related to doors, landing gears, and wings.
From 2013, the company started delivery of Horizontal Stabilizer Elevator Feel Actuators (Feel
Actuators) for Boeing 737/747/767 flight control systems.
•Shimadzu Aircraft Equipment Division sales: 24.85 billion yen (fiscal year ended March 31, 2015)

Reference Image: APU Air Inlet Door Actuator products of the same type that will start to be delivered this time

Reference Image: APU Air Inlet Door Actuator products of the same type that will start to be delivered this time