November 12, 2015 | News & Notices Achieves Streamlining Multicomponet Simultaneous Analysis
and Cutting Operation Cost
Release of GCMS-QP2020 Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

GCMS-QP2020 Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

GCMS-QP2020 Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer


Shimadzu Corporation will release the GCMS-QP2020 high-end single quadrupole gas chromatograph mass spectrometer on November 12.
The GCMS-QP2020 is now equipped with a new turbomolecular pump with improved exhaust efficiency to achieve the highest sensitivity under various analytical conditions. With this new pump,in addition to helium, hydrogen and nitrogen can be used as the carrier gas which enables to reduce operation cost. GCMS Insight Software Package equipped with the new model enables high sensitive multicomponent simultaneous analysis with over 400 compounds and high efficient data processing. The GCMS-QP2020 contributes shortening analytical time and lowering cost demanded in laboratories.

Background to Development

GCMS systems are used for measurements of trace components in substances and qualitative analysis of compounds in various fields including testing/inspection departments of food, pharmaceutical, and chemical manufacturers as well as the environmental regulation field.
As triple quadrupole systems offering higher sensitivity are mainly used in quantitative analysis of trace components, there are demands for more general-purpose, lower cost, higher performance and function to enhance productivity in laboratories for single quadrupole systems.


1. Combines High Sensitivity and Low Operation Cost

Vacuum pumping system with new differential turbomolecular pump achieves the highest sensitivity under various analytical conditions, and enables the measurements using hydrogen and nitrogen carrier gases which can be operated with lower cost. And it contributes the maximization of productivity in laboratories, shortening analytical time using high sensitive and high speed measurement and so on.

2. 10 Times Higher Operation Efficiency on Multicomponet Simultaneous Analysis

GCMS Insight Software Package enhances the efficiency of multicomponent simultaneous analysis dramatically. The Smart SIM method creation function optimizes measurement parameters and enhances sensitivity up to 10 times on over 400 components simultaneous analysis. In addition, the efficiency of data processing is also enhanced up to 10 times using the special software of data processing, LabSolutions Insight.

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