December 14, 2015 | News & Notices Release of EZy-Rad Pro EFX Version,
a Diagnostic Radiography System that can be combined with an FPD for Regional Hospitals and Clinics

EZy-Rad Pro EFX Version Diagnostic Radiography System

Shimadzu has released the EZy-Rad Pro EFX Version, a diagnostic radiography system equipped with functions to navigate radiography procedures, intended for hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities.

In the modern medical field, a number of examinations must be performed using limited facilities, and the public is increasingly concerned about radiation exposure for medical purposes. Accordingly, at regional hospitals and clinics, there is a demand for systems that are simple to operate, that reduce unnecessary radiation exposure and are both user and patient friendly. Shimadzu is a pioneer of radiography systems that meet such needs. Worldwide, we have sold more than 7,300 systems in the EZy-Rad series, the first model of which was released in 1999.

This system, which was developed based on our previous experience, is equipped with a one-touch console guide, which displays relevant information on radiography preparation, matched to the region of the body to be examined. This enables quick and reliable radiography, even by technologists and doctors with limited experiences. In addition, an LED has been adopted as the X-ray exposure field lamp, which reduces power consumption and extends operating life. Using an optional kit, the system can be combined with a wireless flat panel detector (FPD), enabling even faster image based diagnoses.

Carried over from our previously successful model, this system can be installed in a space measuring a minimum of 2.7m × 1.8m and can be carried in through an entrance of only 70cm wide. The table top is fitted with a soft synthetic leather mattress.

The system normally requires a 200V AC power supply. However, the system can be operated with typical household power supply for facilities where a 200V AC power supply is not available.


1. Navigation Function Can Simplify Operation

The one-touch guide is a navigation function displaying information required for radiography preparation, including exposure field size and distance (SID), suited to the region of the body selected for examination by the operator on the console. A new, bright, long-lasting LED has been adopted as the lamp indicating the X-ray exposure field. Power consumption when on is reduced by approximately 70% in comparison to existing Shimadzu models. The exposure field light function enables you to check the exposure field from the control room directly before exposure, supporting reliable radiography.

2. Supports Dose Management with a New Removable Grid and Dose Area Calculation Function

This model is the first in the EZy-Rad series to adopt a design with a removable grid. For example, removing the grid during pediatric examination can reduce the exposure dose to the patient. In addition, the system is equipped with a function to calculate and display the dose based on the aperture of the collimated X-ray field of view and the radiography conditions, supporting appropriate dose management.

3. Achieves Efficient Examinations through Combination with an FPD

Radiography can be performed using a wireless FPD by selecting the FPD radiography kit.
Image based diagnoses can be performed quickly and easily using a wireless FPD, eliminating the time traditionally taken scanning CR cassettes after radiography.
At the same time, even more efficient examinations are achieved since the radiography conditions are interlocked with the radiography system.

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