January 7, 2016 | News & Notices Shimadzu Releases the Xslicer SMX-6000 Microfocus X-Ray Inspection System
The First System from Shimadzu to Integrate Inclined Fluoroscopy and CT Imaging into a Single Package

Shimadzu Xslicer SMX-6000 Microfocus X-Ray Inspection System

January 7, 2016. Shimadzu Corporation announces the release of the Xslicer SMX-6000 microfocus X-ray inspection system for non-destructive inspections. This is the first Shimadzu system to include inclined fluoroscopy and CT imaging functionalities in a single package and which is capable of obtaining cross-sectional images immediately after inclined fluoroscopy.

This new microfocus X-ray inspection system penetrates samples with X-rays from a very tightly focused originating point, and then displays fluoroscopic images. In addition, it allows performing CT imaging, in which cross-sectional images of the sample are obtained, as standard without the need for separate units or complicated procedures.

A proprietary high-speed calculation algorithm enables the display of cross-sectional images in as little as three minutes after starting CT scans, while simple operations allow switching from inclined fluoroscopic imaging with ease. In addition, the system inherits such well-received features as excellent operability and easy calibration-free imaging to support efficient non-destructive inspections.

As the first step in promoting the new Xslicer brand, Shimadzu will unveil the system at Electrotest Japan, an exhibition specializing in electronic inspection, testing, measurement, and analytical technology, which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight starting January 13, 2016.

Background to the Development

Microfocus X-ray inspection systems are the instruments typically used for non-destructive inspections. They are used for internal observations of lithium-ion batteries, inspections of automobile parts such as engine control units (ECUs), and for shipping inspections of electrical and electronic parts. They are also used in failure analyses of defective parts. In terms of the requirements for these systems, a shift is occurring from 2D to 3D observations due to the increased popularity of smart devices and the rapid development of the automotive and electronics industries. As a result, the market for microfocus X-ray inspection systems capable of CT imaging is expected to expand. In Japan alone, the market has nearly doubled in the past four years.

The new Xslicer SMX-6000 microfocus X-ray inspection system features CT imaging suitable for observations of fine solder joint surfaces in power semiconductors and electronic parts mounted on printed circuit boards. Shimadzu aims to focus on the electronics industry in Japan and Asia and to expand sales and market penetration by utilizing this strength. By releasing this system, Shimadzu aims to increase sales of microfocus X-ray inspections systems with CT imaging functionality in FY 2016 by approximately 10 % over the previous year. X-ray-related technology has an extensive history at Shimadzu, and as a core technology, we will continue to offer a variety of products that leverage this expertise in the future.


1. Switching Smoothly from Inclined Fluoroscopy to CT Imaging

The system can be switched from inclined fluoroscopy to CT imaging simply by performing easy operations with the software, without the need for separate units or pre-imaging calibrations. Data acquisition and display of cross-sectional images can be made in as little as three minutes after starting CT scans, thus ensuring very efficient inspections.

2. Software that Enables Intuitive and Simple Operations

The new system inherits the excellent software features shared by all Shimadzu microfocus X-ray inspection systems. The software features simple, intuitive operations, so that even inexperienced users can implement X-ray imaging. Zooming in and out of the image, and moving of the center of interest, can be performed by dragging or clicking with a mouse. In addition, use of the built-in camera for exterior imaging enables easy stage positioning.

3. Easy-to-Maintain Proprietary Microfocus X-Ray Generator

The new system is equipped with a Shimadzu open microfocus X-ray generator, which offers both superior resolution and high-magnification imaging. Featuring an integrated X-ray tube and high-voltage generator, the X-ray generator eliminates high-voltage cables and requires no periodic greasing. In addition, it is easy to maintain since filament replacement takes just a few steps and adjustments after the replacement are made automatically.

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Shimadzu Xslicer SMX-6000 Microfocus X-Ray Inspection System