February 16, 2016 | News & Notices Shimadzu Releases the Latest Version of Its LabSolutions DB/CS Analysis Data System
Providing Reliability, Assurance and Improved Operational Efficiency for Quality Test Data Used in Drug Development and Manufacture

Shimadzu announces the release of a new version of its LabSolutions DB/CS analysis data system. Featuring enhanced regulatory compatibility, the system comes with a new report generation and digital checking function that integrates analytical results and analytical operations using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gas chromatography (GC) instruments. In addition to ensuring the reliability of test data as required by quality test laboratories, the system also provides improved operational efficiency by reducing the time required for confirming test results.

Background to the Development

The LabSolutions DB/CS system is used for such purposes as the measurement and analysis of components contained in samples and the creation of reports for test results, and is utilized in a variety of fields, including the testing and inspection departments of pharmaceutical manufacturers, food manufacturers, and chemical manufacturers. The quality testing performed for pharmaceutical product development and manufacture must ensure there are no errors or manipulations in the procedures by which test results are obtained in order to ensure the accuracy of analysis data and the reliability of quality test data. Therefore, these operations require users to confirm test results and maintain accurate analysis operations logs.
In view of this, Shimadzu developed the new LabSolutions DB/CS Ver. 6.50 system in cooperation with pharmaceutical manufacturers looking for a system architecture that will ensure product quality throughout the world.

System Features

1. Ensures reliability and improves analysis confirmation processes

The system achieves the visualization of analysis operations by integrating the test methods and results for a series of samples, together with the entire operational history of sample analysis from commencement to completion, into a single report. This makes the confirmation of test results and analysis operations easier to perform, which reduces the work required by the confirmation process and ensures reliability.

2. Automated protection against the manipulation of test results

The LabSolutions DB/CS Ver. 6.50 system automatically converts test results subject to this visualization into a state where they cannot be edited. This prevents alteration by the falsification or replacement of test results. The test results data present in these visualized reports are also searchable and can easily be confirmed.

3. Improved operational efficiency by digitalizing the process of test result report confirmation

The system displays evidence of report confirmation or check marks anywhere on test result reports created in the PDF file format. Unconfirmed items in reports can be prevented by the use of error notifications when an item has not been confirmed. These functions simplify the on-screen confirmation process, which, in turn, improves operational efficiency and allows a paperless process.

Note: LabSolutions DB is a standalone system installed on one PC that connects to a maximum of four high-performance liquid chromatographs (HPLC) and gas chromatographs (GC).
LabSolutions CS is a client-server system that connects to multiple HPLC and GC units through a network and manages data centrally on a server.

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