July 29, 2016 | News & Notices Release of a New Digital Mobile X-Ray System
Offering More Functionality and Convenience Than Previous Globally-Popular Models

Shimadzu Digital Mobile X-ray System - MobileDaRt Evolution MX7 Version

Shimadzu has released its newest version of the MobileDaRt Evolution series called the MX7. The MX7 Version is a state-of-the-art mobile digital radiographic (DR) system offering extensive functionality, including additional software functions, a built-in large image display monitor and an extremely operator-friendly design, providing an increased level of support for medical personnel involved in mobile imaging work.

Digital mobile X-ray systems equipped with a Flat Panel Detector (FPD) are used for examining patients during hospital rounds and for medical applications requiring a high level of urgency, such as emergency rooms and neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). To date, Shimadzu has sold over 2700 digital mobile X-ray systems throughout the world, where they have earned a strong reputation. In 2015, KLAS Research, a third-party healthcare research organization in the United States, granted the Best-in-KLAS award for the X-Ray Segment category, which includes digital mobile X-ray systems, to Shimadzu Medical Systems (For more details, visit Shimadzu Medical Systems receives 2015 ‘Best in KLAS’ medical equipment award).

One of the MX7 version features "Smart seCURE", an integrated power management function that allows users to select the best system for their clinical needs from a wide variety of available choices. Based on superior communication between the main unit and the DR system, the Smart seCURE integrated power management function, utilizes the battery more effectively by minimizing unnecessary consumption of power. In addition to a startup time of about one minute for the DR system, the system also includes other new features designed to meet the needs of healthcare providers, such as a larger image display monitor and convenient storage space. Furthermore, the lightest weight 14x17-inch wireless FPD is available while providing superior water resistance.


1. More Convenient Design Better Satisfies Operator Needs

The image display unit features a new large 17-inch LCD monitor. It is not only increasing resolution but also providing better visibility and touch panel operability. Additionally, other new features that improve the convenience of routine use such as a storage space for smaller items as well as grooves in the console tops sidewalls, convenient for installing a cover over the FPD unit while keeping it stabilized. Of course, the new MX7 still features the popular smooth and quiet drive system, the "all-free" button for freely positioning the unit with a single button and the ability to display images in about two seconds after exposure. These help operators work quickly in typical healthcare environments.

2. Smart seCURE - Wide Variety of New Functionality Due to Superior Communication Between the Main Unit and DR system

A DR system with the latest technical advances is used as the image processing unit, which achieves various new functionality by linking functions of the DR system to the main radiographic unit. Power Management functionality automatically switches OFF power to the image display monitor during travel or after a given period with no operator inputs. This not only reduces power consumption and avoids depleting the battery, but also helps improve security by preventing patient information from being leaked. It can also display system critical information on the image display monitor, such as the timing for battery charging or the status of wireless LAN signals within the hospital, so that hospital rounds can be accomplished more efficiently.

3. A Lighter and More Water Resistant New FPD Unit

The FPD unit can be selected from an assortment of available sizes and sensitivity levels, based on the intended application. In particular, the 2.5kg 14x17-inch FPD, which offers especially high general applicability, is lighter than any other FPDs of comparable size in the industry. Conforming to the IPX6 water resistance rating, as specified by the International Electrotechnical Commission, the new FPD’s provide an even higher level of water resistance.