September 1, 2016 | News & Notices Acquires Images 5 Times Faster Than Existing Model
SPM-9700HT Scanning Probe Microscope Released

Shimadzu SPM-9700HT Scanning Probe Microscope

Shimadzu Corporation announces the releases of the SPM-9700HT, a high-throughput scanning probe microscope that is capable of acquiring image data at more than five times the speed of the existing model.

A scanning probe microscope (SPM) is a microscope that scans the surface of a sample using a cantilever fitted with a fine probe — the tip of which has a radius of just a few nanometers — to measure the three-dimensional topology and physical properties of samples at high magnification. Thanks to their high resolution and their ability to make observations in both liquid and air, such microscopes are being widely used in a variety of research fields, including surface physics, electrical and electronic engineering, chemistry, and biology; furthermore, they are contributing to developments in nanoscience and nanotechnology.

In addition to adopting the newly developed HT scanner that achieves high response speeds, the design and software of the control system for the new SPM-9700HT product has also been optimized, resulting in significantly reduced image acquisition times. The new model is versatile, yet it provides excellent throughput and is ideal for routine observations.

Background to the Development

SPMs, which are able to measure the topology and physical properties of a variety of samples in both liquid and air, are used for basic research and key technology development in areas such as metals and semiconductors, ceramics, polymer materials, and biological samples. Additionally, they contribute to a variety of other leading edge fields. In recent years, and along with the development of nanotechnology, there has been a growing demand for SPMs, but there is also a demand for a product that can offer excellent ease of use by shortening data acquisition time and reducing the time and effort taken to adjust the optical system or replace samples.

Shimadzu's existing SPM-9700 model has already established a reputation for operability, thanks to its unique mechanism for quickly replacing samples. Responding to customer demand and aiming to expand SPM sales further, Shimadzu has launched the SPM-9700HT, which provides greatly reduced image acquisition times to improve the total throughput. Key features have been carried over from the existing instrument.


1. Image Data Acquired at Least Five Times Faster than with the Existing Model

Thanks to the newly developed high response speed of the HT scanner and the optimized control system design and software, it is now possible to acquire image data at more than five times the speed of Shimadzu's existing model. This enhancement supports the improvement of total throughput through significant reductions in measurement time. The system is ideal for measurements involving a large number of samples or for routine observations.

2. Offers Combination of Quick Sample Replacement and High Stability of Operations

The new instrument uses Shimadzu's original head slide mechanism, which offers a combination of quick sample replacement and stable operations. Images can be acquired quickly, even after replacing samples, so time spent on observations is expected to be shorter.

3. Cantilever Can Be Replaced Smoothly Using Special Jig

Originally, careful work was needed to replace the cantilever; recently, a new, dedicated cantilever mounting jig — the CantileverMaster — was developed (provided as an option). This innovation enables even unskilled operators to replace the cantilever smoothly and easily.

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Shimadzu SPM-9700HT Scanning Probe Microscope