September 5, 2016 | News & Notices Enhanced Functionality for Supporting HPLC Users Achieves Fast and Reliable Measurements
Release of Nine Models in Three New Analytical Balance Series

Shimadzu Analytical Balance AP Series

Shimadzu Corporation announces the release of nine new analytical balance models in three series, namely, the AP-W, AP-X, and AP-Y. These models offer enhanced functionality that is especially useful for high-performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) and other analytical instrument users. They also help to reduce the work involved in weighing operations by ensuring quick and reliable weighing.

All three new models feature a completely renewed user interface with an organic electroluminescence display (OLED), a UniBloc AP one-piece aluminum mass sensor, and an optimized control system to achieve high-speed measurements. The top-of-the-line AP-W series offers extensive functionality for supporting weighing processes especially required by customers who use the balance for analysis with HPLC systems, such as functionality that assists preparations of HPLC buffer solutions. By connecting any of these analytical balances to a Shimadzu network system, the weighing data can be managed together with the data from a variety of other analytical instruments.

Further, reliability can be improved by installing an optional STABLO-AP ionizer inside the weighing chamber (except in the AP-Y series), which neutralizes static electricity within about one second to eliminate its influence on measurements.

Background to the Development

It is necessary to weigh reagent or other substances using an analytical balance before using analytical instruments. Pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers are measuring substances down to 0.1 mg (1/10,000 gram) level owing to increasingly sophisticated R&D requirements in recent years. Analytical balances must provide excellent measurement stability and speed as well as data management for compliance with various regulations. Especially in HPLC analysis, there are many requests to perform analyses more efficiently, by minimizing the work to calculate the masses of the substances for standard solutions and buffer solutions.

To satisfy such user needs, Shimadzu developed analytical balances which can perform quick and stable measurements and calculate the weight values necessary for preparing solutions automatically.


1. Fast and Stable Measurements

The UniBloc AP one-piece aluminum mass sensor and new digital control technology reduce the response time to reach the final weight value on weighing trace quantities is shorten to 1.5 seconds from 7 seconds of the previous Shimadzu model. This mass sensor features a strong resistance against temperature fluctuations, external disturbances, and noise, and offers the superior durability. In addition, Shimadzu STABLO-AP ionizer can be installed inside the weighing chamber (except for AP-Y series models). It helps to improve the measurement reliability by neutralizing static electricity, which can affect measurements, within about one second.

2. Diverse Functionalities for Closer Coordination with HPLC Systems and Safe Data Management

By connecting the analytical balance to a computer in a Shimadzu network system, the data can be safely managed together with the data from a variety of other analytical instruments in compliance with GLP/GMP or other various regulatory requirements. Intended for users of HPLC or other analytical instruments, the AP-W series has the functionality to display substances and masses to be weighed based on a registered recipe. It also has a functionality of automatic calculation of the weight values required for preparing solutions at specific concentrations. With preregistered 13 recipes of buffer solutions, it can reduce the job for the preparation of HPLC analysis.

3. New User-Friendly User Interface

With its superior visibility provided by an organic electroluminescence display, a new key layout, and other features, the newly designed user interface enables intuitive operation and a choice of three display languages (English, Japanese, or Chinese). AP-W series models are not only able to save data directly onto a USB flash drive, they also offer the additional convenience of being able to connect a commercial USB keyboard or barcode reader for registering sample names, sample ID codes, or other information in the balance.

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