October 7, 2016 | News & Notices Shimadzu's New NJ-SERVO Electric Motor-Driven Actuator Reduces Environmental Impact of Fatigue and Endurance Testing by Eliminating the Need for Hydraulic Oil

Shimadzu NJ-SERVO electric motor-driven actuator

Shimadzu announces the release of the NJ-SERVO electric motor-driven actuator. Designed for endurance testing of automobile parts and other driving parts, the highly versatile NJ-SERVO conserves electric power since it does not require a hydraulic power source.

This actuator is used to repeatedly, in units reaching tens of thousands, apply force to a sample in order to test its durability. An electric motor provides the driving source.

Shimadzu developed this product using many of the technological innovations that were fostered while manufacturing its wide range of material testing machines, such as hydraulic actuators and motor-driven precision universal testers. By incorporating an electric motor, the installation of a hydraulic power source and the regular replacement of hydraulic oil are no longer necessary. Moreover, when compared with Shimadzu hydraulic actuators having equivalent specifications*, it was found that tests could be performed while reducing consumption of electric power by up to 75%. This greatly reduces the load placed on the environment by the customer.

* : Maximum load 10 kN, ±40 mm stroke, when operated consecutively for seven days

Background to the Development

Within the transportation industry, and particularly among automobile parts and finished vehicle manufacturers, recent research and development has focused on finding new materials and mechanisms that are durable, yet lightweight. As a result, there has been a growing need for endurance testing, in the interest of enhancing safety and reliability. While hydraulic actuators are often used for such endurance testing, an increasing awareness of the environmental impact and usability of such systems is expected to lead to a shift to electric motor-driven types among light load actuators within a testing force range of ±5 to 10 kN. The advantages of electric actuators include the elimination of hydraulic oil for operation and significantly reduced electric power consumption.

Given such a backdrop, Shimadzu added the energy-saving and highly versatile NJ-SERVO to its lineup. Customers can now choose between either an electric-powered model or a hydraulic model, depending on the required specifications and application. Shimadzu aims for expansion predominantly in the transportation industries, where the greatest use of actuators takes place.


1. Eliminates Periodic Replacement of Hydraulic Oil and Reduces Electric Power Consumption

Since this product is powered by an electric motor, it does not require periodic replacement of hydraulic oil, or the routine replacement of valves that are necessary with hydraulic actuators. Moreover, when compared with Shimadzu hydraulic actuators having equivalent specifications, it was found that tests could be performed while reducing consumption of electric power by up to 75%. This results in lower operational costs and a reduced load placed on the environment. Consequently, a change to an electric-powered actuator such as the NJ-SERVO is advantageous for major manufacturers in industries, such as automotive, that have multiple units of actuators already installed.

2. High-Precision Fatigue Testing Made Easy

Shimadzu's proprietary fully digital control technology, such as high-performance firmware, accurately controls the amount of force applied to the sample, and faithfully reproduces, in the finest detail, all of the settings made for the test conditions. The interface to the controller provides for intuitive operation through its touch panel display and dials.

3. Superior Versatility Using a Minimum of Space

This new product has a significantly smaller footprint, since it does not need a hydraulic power source or water cooling system. A minimal configuration consists of only the unit itself, servo amplifier, and controller, allowing for a great deal of freedom when selecting an installation site.

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Shimadzu NJ-SERVO electric motor-driven actuator