December 20, 2016 | News & Notices Supporting Wi-Fi Communication and Providing High-Sensitivity Measurement of Air Pollutant Nitrogen Oxides
Release of NOA-7100 Transportable NOx-O2 Analyzer


Shimadzu Corporation has released the NOA-7100 transportable NOx-O2 analyzer that can measure the concentration of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and oxygen (O2) in real time.

This transportable all-in-one (single) product has a built-in sampling unit for pretreatment and performs measurements with just the instrument itself. The instrument supports wireless data communication via Wi-Fi, data loading from USB flash drives, and data viewing from a browser on a computer, all of which significantly improve operational convenience.

NOx are known to negatively influence our environment so they need to be measured in order to reduce pollution. Two types of instrument are available, an existing type of analyzer for measuring exhaust gases from combustion, and another type that is suitable for catalyst research.

- Type 1: NOx-O2 analyzer for measuring exhaust gases from combustion
- Type 2: NOx analyzer for catalyst research (low flow model for measurement of nitrogen oxides including nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide)

Background to the Development

Emission standards are determined for NOx generated by burning fuel at high temperatures because they are classified as an air pollutant. The transportable NOx-O2 analyzer is used on site to measure combustion exhaust gases from boilers and gas turbines in power generation facilities, waste incineration sites, and exhaust gases from diesel engines of vessels and other vehicles. When using Shimadzu's former products, operators needed to transfer data or bring a computer or recorder to the site in order to save measurement data, so there was a demand to eliminate these complicated procedures. In addition, there was a demand for an instrument that can measure nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) separately at trace gas flowrates in order to research catalysts used for purifying NOx.

To satisfy these demands, Shimadzu has developed this NOA-7100 by applying the network technology used on the CGT-7100 transportable gas analyzer, which measures carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and methane and was released last year, as well as NOx measurement technology accumulated over many years.


1. All-in-One Unit Providing High-Sensitivity Measurement

Since the dehumidifier, pump, filter and other sampling parts are built in, measurements can be performed with this all-in-one (single) unit without requiring pretreatment units. The instrument also provides high-sensitivity measurements for a wide concentration range using the chemiluminescence method used in Shimadzu's stationary type exhaust gas analyzers. The simple design ensures fewer failures and easy maintenance.

2. Data Communication via Wi-Fi and Viewing Data on a Browser on a Computer

Wireless data communication via Wi-Fi enables users to check data on smart devices such as iPad (iOS 8.1 and later) and a web browser on a computer in real time. Data loading using USB flash drives is also supported. These functions enable users to record data without a recorder, assisting efficient operation on site.

3. Low Flow Measurement and the NOx/NO Switching Function

Type 2 is suitable for catalyst testing and research. It supports measurements in an environment where a sufficient gas flow rate cannot be achieved and also low flow sampling which is suitable for measuring low volume samples. As type 1 requires 1.5 to 2 L/min gas flowrate, type 2 can perform measurements at 100 mL/min gas flowrate. Type 2 also has a function to switch between NOx and NO for measurement as standard, so NO2 can be calculated based on the NOx and NO measurement results.

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NOA-7100 Transportable NOx-O2 Analyzer