September 5, 2017 | News & Notices Shimadzu launches new informatics solutions to deliver actionable data and streamline LC-MS/MS workflows

Kyoto, Japan – September 5, 2017. Shimadzu, one of the world's fastest growing mass spectrometry companies, today announced the introduction of new informatics solutions to help drive sample analysis by LC-MS/MS technologies for both experienced and non-mass spectrometry users.

Bringing together sample management software and data-driven decision making into one simple platform.
For many mass spectrometry laboratories, there is a need for a simpler, faster, smarter path to data-driven decision-making and to lower the cost of the analysis cycle. At Shimadzu we are committed to making things simply better, focusing our innovative informatics efforts on developing a faster pathway from submitting a sample to reviewing the result. Shimadzu will present the new software solutions, including LabSolutions Connect, LabSolutions Insight, and a forensic toxicology database designed specifically for clinical and forensic laboratories, at JASIS 2017 in Japan.

LabSolutions Connect - creating access for all analytical scientists

LabSolutions Connect simplifies the complexity of sample analysis and accelerates sample management. Analytical scientists across multiple disciplines can now access the unique capabilities of Shimadzu LC-MS/MS systems using an understandable and easy-to-use interface. Simply identify a method, log your sample identification and press go. This solution enables expert and non-expert scientists to submit and analyze samples easily and gives a snap shot of the sample sequence at-a-glance.

LabSolutions Connect also has the capability of making a real difference to method development and optimization by giving scientists the ability to maximise MRM sensitivity for multiple targets. LabSolutions Connect MRM automates MRM tuning and optimization, generating multiple fragment ions that can be used for either conventional quantitation assays or advanced MRM spectrum mode for higher confidence in identification. The software helps negate the need for the time-consuming task of manual compound parameter optimization, including changes to the interface conditions.

LabSolutions Insight - delivering proactive tools for data review

LabSolutions Insight has powerful data mining and analytics capabilities for reviewing LC-MS/MS results. The clear, intuitive interface is designed to support review-by-exception, enabling quality rules to identify exceptions quickly. LabSolutions Insight now has the added capability to work seamlessly with the LabSolutions DB/CS environment and audited regulatory requirements, as well as the flexibility to adapt to different reporting workflows with multiple results files. The new Insight software also supports library identification by either full scan or MRM spectrum mode, helping to provide tools for both quantitation and identification in one workspace.

Clinical and Forensic Toxicology Database – accelerating LC-MS/MS identification in toxicology

Developed in collaboration with our global partners in toxicology, the clinical and forensic toxicology method package is an information-rich library of more than 2200 compounds that can be used to increase confidence in reporting LC-MS/MS identification. The method package delivers full scan mass spectrum identification at three collision energies, retention time confirmation for all targets, and corresponding meta information such as CAS and structure files. It is designed to be a repository for clinical and forensic toxicology applications with two predefined LC-MS/MS methods for each toxicology application area.

"We have made significant investments in developing informatics solutions for all analytical scientists, in all laboratory environments. In today’s value-based reality, it is important to design informatics platforms that meet a real need and enable analytical scientists to do more. The easy-to-use Connect and Insight solutions will make a real difference to routine laboratories by providing streamlined workflows that drive productivity and ensure confident, high-performance LC-MS/MS analysis". Ichiro Hirano, LC-MS Product Manager, Shimadzu Corporation

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