October 20, 2017 | News & Notices Supports Materials Development and Regulatory Control of
Chemical Compounds
Shimadzu's New Polymer Additives Library
Includes Approximately 4900 Datasets

Shimadzu has released the Polymer Additives Library, which contains 4869 mass spectra*1, for its gas chromatograph mass spectrometers (GC/MS). This product will be useful in the analysis of polymer additives for a variety of purposes, ranging from quality control to new materials development and compliance with regulatory controls.

Resins, plastics, rubbers, and other polymer materials are used in a variety of fields, including electrical appliances, automotive parts, food packaging materials, and daily necessities. Additives are indispensable for enhancing the functionality of these polymer materials. However, some additives are subject to regulatory controls, including the RoHS Directives and REACH regulations, as there are concerns regarding their adverse impact on the human body and the environment. As a result, the analysis of additives is essential for enabling quality improvements to polymer materials and new materials development, and to ensure compliance with the regulatory control of chemical compounds.

This product is a mass spectral library for GC/MS, and is intended for the analysis of additives for polymer materials. It provides strong support for customers using GC/MS for the analysis of additives used in their products such as electrical appliances, in addition to pyrolysis GC/MS, which is used for the analysis of additives in resins.


1. Includes Nearly 4900 Mass Spectra

In addition to the existing library*2, which contains 4804 mass spectra for 494 types of polymer material additives and for pyrolysates from the analysis of additives using pyrolysis GC/MS, 65 compounds have been added that are in high demand as analysis targets.*3

  • *1:Mass spectra are acquired using pyrolysis GC/MS. Some of the pyrolysates from pyrolysis GC/MS may not be detected by other analysis methods.
  • *2:ADD-MS16B F-Search additives library from Frontier Laboratories
  • *3:These include specific aromatic amines and phthalate esters, which are designated as substances of very high concern (SVHC) under the increasingly stringent E.U. REACH regulations, as well as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are subject to evaluation under German GS mark certification.

2. Retention Indices and Classification Information Are Registered

Retention indices are included for all compounds. Compounds can be identified with high accuracy by a library search using retention indices. Classification information on the additives is also included, so even without detailed knowledge, users can see which additives are associated with compounds found in the library.

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