July 2, 2018 | News & Notices Release of the UHSP-OP2060 Ultra-High-Speed Sputtering System, Contributing to the Mass Production of Mirrors for Head-Up Displays


Shimadzu has released the UHSP-OP2060 ultra-high-speed sputtering system that is optimal for the mass production of mirrors for head-up displays (HUD) in automobiles.

The introduction of HUD in order to display driving information in the vicinity of the front windshield has accelerated in automobiles in recent years. HUD mirrors, which consist of an aluminum coating on molded plastic products, are incorporated in the optical system. The size of these mirrors is increasing in accordance with the increase in the amount of projected information. At the same time, they must be both durable and reliable. Moreover, since mass production cost has been an issue, the use of highly versatile polycarbonate (PC) plastics is anticipated.

Shimadzu has developed the UHSP-OP2060, a new model optimized for the mass production of HUD mirrors. This ultra-high-speed sputtering system is capable of high-speed deposition on molded plastic under vacuum conditions. This system can accommodate large 400 mm × 180 mm mirrors that could not conventionally be treated, and achieves twice the throughput as our previous models for 200 mm × 80 mm class mirrors. Furthermore, by applying an additional pretreatment, developed uniquely, before deposition dramatically improves the adherences of the aluminum film to the plastic substrate. This process enabled to clear environmental tests that considered difficult to pass by using PC plastics as substrates. The use of highly versatile PC plastics is expected to reduce HUD mass production cost.

Shimadzu will promote the development of in-line systems interlocking this system with plastic molding machines to contribute to expected increasing demand of mirrors led by the growth of HUD market.


1. Accommodates Large Workpieces

Flexible design, targeting growth in HUD mirror size, enabled deposition onto 400mm × 180 mm molded plastics.

2. Achieves Excellent Throughput

By enlarging the deposition area, the throughput of general 200 mm × 80 mm molded plastic has been doubled compared to our previous model.

3. High Adherence to PC Plastics

Our unique pretreatment technology achieved a high level of adherence even to PC plastics. Mirrors using PC plastic substrate is now able to clear constant temperature and humidity tests (85 °C and 85 % humidity for at least 1,000 hours), which are conventionally difficult to pass. The use of highly versatile substrates leads saving expense of mass production.