April 16, 2018 | News & Notices Release of "Trinias series unity smart edition", an angiography system that supports whole body intravascular treatment, such as, cardiac, neuro, abdominal, and peripheral regions

Trinias series unity smart edition

Shimadzu corporation announces the release of three models of "Trinias series unity smart edition", an angiography system that supports intravascular treatment of the whole body.

This product has been developed for the purpose of providing an effective workflow and workspace environment with space saving design, for hospitals operating an angiography system for whole body intravascular treatment.

The advanced design of the “Trinias series unity edition” incorporates unique X-ray image processing technology providing support for intravascular treatment in a wide variety of applications, ranging from cardiac to neuro, abdomen and peripheral examinations.

In order to realize an environment where the operator can concentrate on patient treatment, we have adopted a user interface that consolidates all the necessary information during procedures on the main monitor.

Moreover, the implementation of new methods of electronic communication and elegant design practices has resulted in a reduction in the number of connecting cables and system cabinets, further improving system reliability and reducing the overall system footprint.

With the ongoing development of therapeutic devices and the implementation of new procedures, intravascular treatment is moving in the direction of further reducing the burden on patients.

We are continuing to contribute to minimally invasive procedures by providing visibility of sophisticated devices and the region of interest in real time using low dose rates, while providing a workflow to efficiently support sophisticated patient procedures.



1. Intuitive Operation Supports and Space Saving Design

Incorporating "SMART Touch", a customizable touch panel console that enables intuitive operation from the table side as standard. The redesign of the graphic user interface of the main monitor enhances the display of all the essential information during procedures, including system geometric information and X-ray irradiation dose, further improving system workflow.

2. Provide Various Image Processing Technology for Whole Body Treatment

Contributing to safe and prompt intravascular treatment throughout the entire body, the “Trinias series unity edition” has been designed to incorporate unique X-ray image processing technology, including "SCORE StentShot", which reduces noise on the image to about half of that of conventional products and clearly displays therapeutic devices such as stents.


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