January 17, 2019 | News & Notices Shimadzu Corporation Receives the Frost & Sullivan 2018 APAC New Product Innovation Award for Fluorescence Surgical Imaging for Breast Cancer


As the Shimadzu LIGHTVISION near-infrared fluorescence imaging system was highly evaluated in the breast cancer surgery fluorescence imaging market, Shimadzu Corporation has received the 2018 APAC New Product Innovation award for fluorescence surgical imaging for breast cancer from Frost & Sullivan, a major global market research and consulting firm in the United States.

The LIGHTVISION near-infrared fluorescence imaging system “visualizes” lymph vessels during surgery by irradiating an excitation light to an agent called indocyanine green (ICG), administrated into the body’s lymph vessels so that weak near-infrared light generated from the agent can be imaged. In breast cancer surgeries, this system effectively identifies the position of the sentinel lymph nodes that need to be removed surgically for diagnosing the metastasis of cancer.

This system has been highly evaluated as it helps shorten the time required for breast cancer surgeries, has had a significant influence in the medical field because of its ability to observe the region of interest accurately, and has the potential to be applied to a wide range of surgeries and procedures in the future.

Shimadzu has specified the healthcare field as the most important field in its medium-term management plan, which will end in March 2020, and is strengthening the development of its products with outstanding features. Shimadzu will continue to develop technologies that support human health and medical systems.


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