Laser Module & Laser Device

Laser diode pumped solid state laser LUMICUBE series "HK-5601/5606"

Laser diode pumped solid state laser LUMICUBE HK-5601/5606

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Laser diode pumped solid state laser LUMICUBE HK-5601/5606

This is a single mode, low-noise laser, for in-product use, with optical noise reduced through single longitudinal mode control. It incorporates Shimadzu's QPM component to ensure high optical conversion efficiency and high reliability. With its compact size, low power consumption, and low heat generation, this laser provides the optimal performance for in-product applications. In addition, Shimadzu's unique self-tuning and auto power control (APC) functions maintain excellent beam quality over a wide temperature range (+15 °C to +45 °C). Tens of thousands of units have been sold to the photographic printing industry, and the product has been very well received.

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