Laser Module & Laser DeviceFiber-Coupled Blue Direct Diode Laser BLUE IMPACT series HK-5650 (BLUE Semiconductor Laser Module)

Fiber-Coupled Blue Direct Diode Laser BLUE IMPACT series HK-5650


Thanks to single emitter laser diode multiplexing technology and high accuracy fiber coupling technology, this high brightness fiber-coupled blue direct diode laser provides both high output and high light-harvesting characteristics.
Output in excess of 10 W is obtained from a core diameter of 100 um, at the 405nm or 450 nm band, which features a high absorption rate for gold, copper, and other highly reflective metallic materials.
We will assist you with mounting this laser in clean devices that capitalize on high photoelectric conversion efficiency and are expected to make economical use of energy.
We can accommodate your needs with respect to wavelength/fiber core diameter and output. Feel free to contact us.

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