Laser Module & Laser DeviceBLUE IMPACT™ Fiber-Coupled Blue Direct Diode Laser 100W type

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BLUE IMPACT TM Fiber-Coupled Blue Direct Diode Laser 100W type



  • Blue direct diode laser 450 nm
  • High brightness
    Fiber core diameter: 100 µm
  • High power 100 W

The ideal laser light source for yellow metals processing.


Suitable for 3D printing, coating, soldering, etc.

The blue wavelength and high brightness of BLUE IMPACT make a revolution in laser processing world.

Major applications

  • 3D printing
  • Coating/cladding
  • Annealing
  • Micro-welding
  • Cutting
  • Soldering/brazing
  • Marking
  • Phosphor excitation light source


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  • Laser output (LD current) control function
  • Digital modulation (up to 10 kHz) supported
  • LD unit temperature monitoring function

Example of welding of copper sheets (30 µm, 3 sheets)

Example of welding of copper sheets

Microprocessing of copper, gold, and other metals by advantage of high absorption rate

The blue laser offers a higher absorption rate for most metals than the conventional fiber laser or CO2 laser. In particular, the blue laser enables high-quality, high-efficiency processing of gold and cooper, which are difficult to process using an infrared laser. Moreover, the hi-efficiency feature enables low power consumption operation.
Since the blue laser uses a quite small amount of laser energy for processing, it achieves high-quality processing with minimal thermal side effects.


Parameters Specifications
Wavelength 450 nm
Output power 100 W
Spectral width <12 nm
Fiber parameters Type Multi-mode
Connector D-80 or QBH
Core diameter 100 µm
NA 0.2
Length 5 m
Cooling system Water cooled 1)
Operating temperature range 15~35 °C
Maximum modulation frequency 10 kHz

1) Cooling water circulation equipment is not provided with the product.


  • Laser unit: H220.5×W482×D597 mm (Excluding fiber)
    Power supply unit: H131.5×W482×D397 mm
  • Laser unit: 44 kg Power supply unit (including cord): 13 kg


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