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Previous manual refractometers (Shimadzu KPR-2) offered an angle display only. The refractive index corresponding to the angle had to be looked up in a special table. With the KPR-30, the measured angle is read by the PC, which automatically calculates the refractive index. The encoder reads angles in 1-second increments, achieving high accuracy equivalent to a higher class of visually read instrument.
The use of a refractive liquid between the sample and the V-block prism allows measurement with a frosted surface if the two faces are machined to 90°.


Refractive index measurements for transparent liquids and transparent samples, such as new materials and glass.

Extensive Options

Up to four wavelengths can be added, allowing the user to select the required wavelengths.
Unique control software simplifies operation for the user.

Operation Screens

Operation Screens

The Windows-based control software offers easily understood, graphical operations.


Measurement range  Refractive index measurement: 1.25 to 2.00 
(No.1 prism: 1.25 to 1.70; No.2 prism: 1.50 to 2.00)
Measurement accuracy Refractive index: ±0.00005 (at 23°C room temperature) * Note 1
Repeatability Refractive index: ±0.00002 (at 23°C room temperature) * Note 1
wavelength range
435.8 nm to 643.9 nm
Measurement wavelength Standard
d-line    587.6nm  He lamp
C-line    656.3nm  H2 lamp
F-line    486.1nm  H2 lamp
g-line    435.8nm  Hg lamp
e-line    546.1nm  Hg lamp
C' line    643.9nm  Cd lamp
F' line    480.0nm  Cd lamp

Open the table in a new window.

* Note 1:

Parallax between the Hg g-line and H2 F-line during visual measurement may result in reduced accuracy due to concurrence errors.

The system can be customized to your requirements. Consult your Shimadzu representative.
other models is also available:

KPR-30A is Abbe refractometer (for measuring thin samples and thin film)

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