Precision SpectrometersGMR-1DT/GM-1DT

Temperature Coefficient of Refractive Index Measurement System for Optical Glass

GMR-1DT,Variable Temperature Cryostat


Controls the temperature of the glass sample while measuring the refractive index with a GMR-1D or GM-1D Precision Spectrometer. The -40oC to +80oC sample temperature range, ±0.5oC distribution accuracy, and ±0.2oC measurement accuracy comply with the Japanese Optical Glass Industrial Standards (JOGIS). Can display the temperature coefficient of absolute refractive index and the temperature coefficient of relative refractive index.


Measurement of temperature coefficient of refractive index in optical glass Measurement of refractive index at any constant temperature Precise angle and refractive index measurements for prisms, etc.


Measurement accuracy Angular measurement accuracy: ±1"
Refractive index measurement accuracy: ±0.00001
Display Angle counter digital display
Measurement wavelength range GMR-1DT: 254 nm to 2500 nm (with IR option)
Sample vessel leak rate 1 x 10-9 atm cc/s max.
Temperature control range -40oC to +80oC
Temperature coefficient measurement ranges -40oC to -20oC, -20oC to 0oC, 0oC to +20oC,
+20oC to +60oC, +60oC to +80oC
Temperature control accuracy ±0.2oC
Sample temperature distribution ±0.5oC max.
Continuous operation time 3 hours, -40oC to +80oC

Specifications - Variable Temperature Cryostat (Integral with Vessel)

Chamber shape Cylindrical (160 mm dia. x 415 mm long)
LN2 vessel 2 liters
Sample vessel material C1100
Heat-exchange material Copper wool
Heater Band heater
Heater output 100 V/150 W
Temperature measurement sensors alumel - chromel (for control)
copper - constantan (for sample temperature measurement)
Window material BK7

Specifications -Temperature Controller

Shape Box
Power supply 100 V, 10 A max.
Cooling control Mass-flow controller, electronic PID control
Heating control 4 to 20 mA, current-control PID
External data Can be output from temperature controller to PC (RS-232C interface)
  • See GMR-1D and GM-1D pages for details about these precision spectrometers.

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