Precision SpectrometersGMR-1D

Angle and Refractive Index Measurement System from UV Range to Near-IR Range



Measures refractive index over the UV, visible, and near-IR ranges.
Measured angle is clearly displayed on a dedicated counter.
Minimum deviation method offers highly accurate refractive index measurements.
Excellent ±1" angular measurement accuracy. The 1/2-ratio gear system and photoelectric detection easily determine the angle of minimum deviation.


Angular measurement of transparent samples, such as new materials and glass, across the UV, visible, and near-IR ranges.

Extensive Options

Variable to user-defined wavelength specifications by adding a laser diode or other light source.


Measurement accuracy Angular measurement accuracy: ±1"
Refractive index measurement accuracy: ±0.00001
Display Angle counter digital display
Measurement wavelength range 254 nm to 2500 nm (with IR option)
Slit Max. effective blade length: 15 mm
Min. reading: 0.005 mm
Objective lens Focal distance: 500 mm
Brightness: F/10
Eyepiece lens Autocollimation eyepiece lens
Focal distance: 16 mm
Angle detector High-accuracy rotary encoder
Measurement method Minimum deviation method
PC calculates refractive index from measured sample peak angle and minimum deviation angle.
Gear system Gear ratio: 1/2 Accuracy: 20" min.
Light source Standard: automatic spectrum light-source unit - He, H2, high-pressure Hg, Cd
Optional: automatic spectrum light-source unit - semiconductor laser 1300, 1550
Detector VIS, UV: photomultiplier tube
IR: thermoelectrically cooled Pbs detector
Output format Lock-in amplifier
Size and weight 1210 x 550 x 650 mm, 130 kg
  • The system can be customized to your requirements. Consult your Shimadzu representative.

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