Proudly Supporting
Pro Golfer Mao Saigo

Shimadzu proudly supports the dreams of pro golfer Mao Saigo, and we are excited to join with her in taking on challenges.

She never gives up, she believes in herself, and she takes on each new challenge that comes her way with grace and determination. She resolutely takes one step at a time with her dream firmly in mind.

She does this because in front of her, there is a view that only those who have scaled the summit can see.

The next challenge starts from here. So, let us head out, together, to face the world.


Mao's Message

It is with real joy and gratitude that I sign up as an affiliated athlete with Shimadzu Corporation, with its history of more than 145 years.
From this season’s first competition, the Daikin Orchid Ladies Golf Tournament, Shimadzu and I set our sights on the world, aiming to exceed my record from last season, striving for a first tournament win. Without fear of failure, I’m working to become a strong golfer by taking on consecutive challenges.

Mao Saigo Instagram Profile of Mao Saigo

Born October 8th 2001
Height 158.5cm
Blood Type AB
Birthplace Chiba Prefecture, Japan
School Currently enrolled at Nihon Wellness Sports University
Favorite club Short iron
First started playing golf 5 years old
Initial motivation Accompanying her father
Average driver distance 240 yards
Best score 64 (Daikin Orchid)
Inspired by Yuri Fudoh
Main achievements Her results on the 2020-21 JLPGA tour
Detailed Profile of Mao Saigo