Creating Innovative Products and Services for a Wide Range of Fields, Such as Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prognosis Management


Society Challenges

Increasing awareness about health has expanded interest in issues ranging from the early detection of disease and its prevention to health improvement. Meanwhile, our aging societies are creating a mountain of problems, such as the need to reduce medical costs and provide nursing care. We believe that the first step toward solving these problems is being healthy and quickly dealing with the risk of injury and disease.
Given the increasing demands for more advanced patient examination technologies, such as for detecting illnesses at an earlier stage and identifying the causes of diseases in more detail, we have started initiatives that integrate our analytical and measuring instruments and medical systems businesses to provide advanced healthcare solutions.

Changes in Healthcare Markets and New solutions from Shimadzu

Healthcare R&D Center

Advanced Healthcare R&D Center Established as Center for Advanced Healthcare

The Healthcare R&D Center was opened at the Head Office (in Kyoto) in June 2019. By consolidating various departments involved in healthcare-related development work into a single location, the center will promote the integration of technologies from different business segments. This will enable us to commercialize key technologies obtained from projects more quickly, and enable revolutionary new products to be developed for the healthcare field and solutions to solve customer challenges to be rapidly developed and deployed. In addition to integrating the Analytical & Measuring Instruments and Medical Systems businesses, the facility will also serve as an open innovation center for expanding the healthcare business through collaboration with advanced customers or outside researchers.