Philosophy and Policy for Environmental Activities

Environmental Policy

We shall promote innovations based on science and technology to establish a carbon-free and recycling-oriented society. We shall strive to achieve a sustainable society and promote business growth and development by balancing environmental conservation with business activities.

(1) Environmental Protection Activities by Each Person

We shall engage in environmental protection activities, such as by each person actively using resources in a sustainable manner, addressing climate change, protecting biodiversity and ecosystems, and preventing pollution.

(2) Observing Environment Laws and Regulations

We shall comply with international environmental regulations and environmental regulations specified by an applicable country or region.

(3) Improving Environmental Performance

We shall endeavor to protect the environment, such as by accurately understanding the environmental impact of business activities and establishing a carbon-free and recycling-oriented society, including throughout our supply chain.

(4) Contributing to the Environment Through Products and Services

We shall offer products and services that contribute to innovation and solving society challenges.

(5) Establishing Environmentally-Friendly Product Life Cycles

We shall engage in measures to minimize our environmental impact throughout the life cycle of all products and services.

(6) Cooperating with Others Outside Shimadzu

We shall cooperate and work together with stakeholders to contribute to society and solve society challenges.

Environmental Management Measures

Basic Concept of Our Environmental Activities

Environmental Policy Within the Scope of ISO 14001 Certification

Promotional Organization/External Auditing/Environmental Committee

Medium and Long-Term Programs

Environmental Management Programs

Internal Environmental Auditors

Environmental Performance

Major Performance Indicators for Environmental Activities

Environmental Accounting

Detailed Environmental Impact Data

Specific Environmental Measures

Preventing Global Warming

Waste Management

Chemical Substances Management/Pollution Measures

Conservation of Biodiversity

Eco-Products Plus Certified Environmentally-Friendly Products—Designed to Reduce Global Environmental Impact—

Environmental Measures for Products/Green Procurement

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