Commitment from Top Management

Create a Brighter Future
- Solve societal challenges while working towards harmony between the earth, society, and people. -

Management and Corporate Social Responsibility

Throughout the long 140 year history since Shimadzu was founded in 1875, the Shimadzu Group has remained committed to using science and technology to meet the needs of society and customers and help achieve a more convenient, safe, and secure society, based on Shimadzu's corporate philosophy "Contributing to Society through Science and Technology" and management principle "Realizing Our Wishes for the Well-being of both Mankind and the Earth."

Given the acceleration in measures aimed at solving global challenges of society in recent years, such as adoption of UN sustainable development goals (SDGs), execution of the Paris Agreement with respect to climate change, and the pervasion of universal rules (United Nations Global Compact) for human rights, labor, the environment, and corruption, there are major changes occurring in terms of what society expects from companies.

Therefore, to move toward a sustainable world, cultivate harmony with global society, and increase the level of trust from stakeholders, while achieving sustainable growth for society and a medium and long-term increase in corporate value, the Shimadzu Group has established a corporate social responsibility (CSR) charter.

Based on this newly specified CSR charter, each of the approximately 12,000 Group employees will contribute to creating new social value by proactively engaging in activities intended to solve challenges of society.

CSR and the Medium-Term Management Plan

The slogan "Become a Company That Solves Challenges in Society in Collaboration with Partners All Around the World" was specified in the medium-term management plan (2017 to 2019) that started in April 2017.

Accordingly, in the three business areas of human health, the safety and security of society, and industrial development, Shimadzu collaborates with various partners throughout the world and aims to achieve sustainable growth and become an entity even more needed by customers and society not only by solving customer challenges, but also by actively solving society's increasingly complex and diverse challenges with science and technology, and with expanded networks within and outside the Group.

One example is contributing to longer healthy life expectancies through the early detection of diseases. Furthermore, we will also engage in environmental management, diversity management, working practice reforms, and health management. Environmental management is intended to solve environmental problems and achieve business growth. Diversity management involves promoting the use of more diverse human resources, such as women, senior citizens, and global personnel. Working practice reforms involve reforming the workplace and how work is performed. Health management involves reducing the risk of employee illness and achieving higher productivity by introducing health management systems based on Shimadzu technologies.

Working Together with Stakeholders

We believe that earning greater trust from our various stakeholders will lead to sustainable growth and development for both Shimadzu businesses and society.

The Shimadzu Group will achieve sustainable growth and increase the medium and long-term corporate value by setting corporate social responsibility as a core principle for management, by ensuring the health and transparency of management practices, by facing society challenges head-on while also utilizing science and technology, and by applying our full effort toward satisfying the expectations of stakeholders through active dialog.

Teruhisa Ueda, President & CEO