Utilizing human resources

Human Resource Management Policy

We shall create human resource management systems that enable each employee to make full use of their creativity and individuality and contribute to the company, while also achieving personal fulfillment through their work.

(1) Developing Human Resources

We shall cultivate employees able to successfully work globally by providing career development that results in their self-fulfillment and contribution to the company.

Overseas On-Site Training for Young Employees

Global Manager Training

(2) Strengthening Industrial Safety and Health Improvement

To ensure employees can work without worry and fully utilize their abilities, we shall ensure industrial safety and health and support improving employee health.

Health and Productivity Management

(3) Promoting Diversity Management

We shall accept mutual differences between employees, such as race, gender, age, and sexual orientation, and provide an environment where a diversity of human resources can utilize their strengths.

Promoting Diversity

(4) Improving Work–Life Balance

To enable employees to achieve a balance between work and life, we shall expand systems for diverse working arrangements and improve their operation.

Promoting a Work-Life Balance

Family and Child Care Support

Diversity of New Graduate Recruitment

(5) Supporting Career Development

We shall provide support for career development, such as by providing opportunities to improve leadership skills or specialization.