“Shimadzu Hands-On Analysis School” Held Online in Cooperation with the Tohoku University Science Campus

Kids Participated in Shimadzu Hands-On Analysis School

The Shimadzu Hands-On Analysis School was held online on November 14, 2020. This year, the school was held in cooperation with the Science Campus at the Tohoku University School of Engineering (Tohoku University Science Campus), and 57 elementary school students participated from across the nation.


Tohoku University Science Campus Hands-On Science Seminar on November 14

This year’s “Shimadzu Hands-On Analysis School,” was held by connecting Tohoku University, participating children at home, and Shimadzu Corporation online! The seminar was entitled “Create a Hisaki-Type Monochromator and Observe Light!”

Students from all over Japan

Holding the School Online Enabled Participation from all over Japan

To help the children feel like they were actually visiting Shimadzu Corporation, the classes started with a video showing the procedure for entering Shimadzu at the main gate and a video tour of the Shimadzu showroom. Then a Shimadzu engineer who developed the diffraction grating installed on the Hisaki Spectroscopic Planet Observatory gave an introductory talk before the children created a papercraft model of the monochromator used on the Hisaki to observe astronomical bodies from space.

A Video of Visiting Shimadzu Corporation was Played

A Video of Visiting Shimadzu Corporation was Played

Shimadzu Staff Spoke from the Showroom

Shimadzu Staff from the Showroom

The session for introduction of Shimadzu products triggered a number of questions from the children during the Q&A corner.

Later, a papercraft kit was mailed to the children  to make the Hisaki monochromator and observe light at home. We received many photos and comments from the children.

Photos and Comments from Children who Participated

Comments from children included, “At first I was nervous to assemble the papercraft, but it was easy and fun once I tried!” and “I like to create things, so I want to create something useful!” A few of the photos we received are shown below.

These Siblings Participated Together

These Siblings Participated Together

Using the Papercraft Monochromator to Observe a Light Fixture at Home

Using the Papercraft Monochromator to Observe a Light Fixture at Home

Assembling the Monochromator while Watching a Video

Assembling the Monochromator while Watching a Video

One Child Included Observation Notes and Photos in Report Form!

An Original Report with Observation Notes and Photos in Report Form!

One Child Photographed their Light Observation

A Child Photographed their Light Observation!

About Tohoku University Science Campus

The Tohoku University Science Campus holds hands-on science lessons focusing on experiments and making things for elementary to high school students. The Science Campus is operated by the Tohoku University Graduate School of Engineering with the aim of “fostering children’s interest in science and the act of manufacturing and helping them become engineers and scientists who will create new industries in the future.”

Shimadzu also supports the same type of initiatives and jointly conducts such events with the University every year.

Comment from the Staff at Shimadzu Hands-On Analysis School

I was surprised that the children were so accustomed to participating in online classes on the day. What was especially impressive was that they left the online room with one comment after another such as “Thank you very much!” or “It was fun!” when the class was finished. Whether during face-to-face events or online, the completely unchanging behavior of the children made me realize just how adaptable they are!

We received lots of photos, comments, and observation notes from children who made the monochromators at home. Though I couldn’t interact with all of the kids on the day of the event, their feedback really showed that they all enjoyed the experience and were interested in Hisaki and monochromators. Thank you everyone for participating!

For more information about the “Shimadzu Hands-On Analysis School,” click here.

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