Shimadzu's Pink Ribbon Campaign Video Released - Promoting Breast Cancer Screening and Breast Cancer Awareness

Shimadzu Corporation has been promoting Pink Ribbon campaign to help raise awareness of breast cancer, and to increase the number of women who take a breast cancer screening.We released a video to show the importance of “Breast Cancer Awareness” and regular breast checkup.

Various kinds of projects were carried out in Shimadzu in October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


The importance of Breast Cancer Screening and Breast Cancer Awareness

Estimated number of breast cancer incidence in Japan in 2020 was about 92,300. The incidence rate of breast cancer increases from late 30s’, but it can often be cured if it is detected and treated early; the ten-year relative survival rate for early-stage breast cancer is 98%. Therefore, it is extremely essential to learn about breast cancer and to get both breast self-exam and breast cancer screening regularly. (* Reference: ”CANCER STATISTICS IN JAPAN ― 2021”  by Foundation for Promotion of Cancer Research)

This short video aims at encouraging women to get a breast cancer screening and adopt the lifestyle with “Breast Cancer Awareness” which means being aware of breasts in daily life. The employees from China, Brazil, and Uruguay are also appearing in this video.

Raising the Employees’ Awareness

As part of our efforts into health management, Shimadzu supported Pink Ribbon campaign by lightning up the Head Office building in pink from October 1 to 7 and sponsoring Pink Ribbon related events.

Also, online lecture for employees was given by Risa Momoi and Shima Inoue from the radiology department in JINSENKAI Medical Corporation, MI Clinic. They explained the procedure of breast cancer screening and what to do if it is necessary to have a close examination.

The Comments from the Project members

We have been promoting Pink Ribbon Campaign with the keyword “Breast Cancer Awareness” from last year.

Many people may have postponed their regular health checkup under COVID-19 pandemic. This year, we created this video to tell the importance of regular breast cancer screening and Breast Cancer Awareness, being aware of the status of breasts in daily life. Not only women but also men participate in this project to protect themselves and their loved ones.

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