December 23, 2021

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Celebrated the Establishment of the New Center for Analytical Excellence Laboratory for Advanced Chemical Analysis in Walsh University

Ribbon cutting ceremony

Ribbon cutting ceremony

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) and Walsh University (Ohio, the United States) held the opening ceremony of the Center for Analytical Excellence Laboratory on November 16, 2021. In this collaborative project, nearly $1.2 million worth of new analytical instruments were installed on campus of Walsh University.

Walsh University is a Catholic University located in North Canton, Ohio, providing nearly 100 academic majors and minors. There are nearly 2,400 students from 38 states and 31 countries, and over 130 full-time faculties. Also, Walsh is famous for award-winning athletics as well with 22 outstanding athletic teams. 

Walsh University was qualified for the Shimadzu Partnership Academics, Research and Quality of Life (SPARQ) program, which is designed to build long-term relationships between SSI and academic institutions. SSI has been working with individual university professors and departments at 70 universities in the United States, and this ceremony is a result of discussion with Walsh University for several years. 


What Is SPARQ Program?

Applicants for SPARQ program were evaluated based on the scope, the mission, and the focus of research, and the impact on the academic institution and the community they served. Though Walsh University was selected as a partner of SPARQ program in 2020, they experienced many delays because of the COVID-19. Overcoming challenging situation, Walsh University's SPARQ program finally took first step.

“The SPARQ program is part of our corporate philosophy of contributing to society through science and technology. By participating in this prestigious dedication, I am confident Walsh University has same spirit and culture”, said Yoshiaki Maeda, President of SSI.

The SPARQ program helps enhance the quality of scientific achievement in the region. The installed machines, including mass spectrometer (GC-MS, LC-MS), DSC, GPC, ICP and FTIR spectroscopy, offer various opportunities for students to meet the cutting-edge analytical techniques. The impact of the program is not only for academic fields: local society will have a good impact with new machines by conducting tests for local companies which have demand of analysis.

Furthermore, there is another contribution to local society on this day. High school students in the region, from over 10 different schools were hosted to the SPARQ Center or Analytical Excellence Laboratory for a day of interactive science activities and programming. They had a chance to communicate with talented Walsh University students and to create a network with the business community.

FTIR analysis demonstration for local high school students

FTIR analysis demonstration for local high school students

Laboratory tour

Laboratory tour

 Dr. Kevin Schug, from the University of Texas at ArlingtonDuring the official dedication, Dr. Kevin Schug, an invited guest from the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) shared his experiences to advance research in unconventional areas through SPARQ program at UTA

Walsh University Center for Analytical Excellence Dedication

Walsh University created a video to introduce the ceremony and SPARQ program.

Katsu-jin-ken (活人剣) - “the life-giving sword”

At the ceremony, Dr. Tim Collins of Walsh University President gave a memorial gift of a calligraphy art to President Yoshiaki Maeda.

Walsh University President presented a gift to the president of SSI

Walsh University President Tim Collins presented a gift to Yoshiaki Maeda, President of SSI

This special gift of calligraphy work in three characters represents “Katsu-jin-ken” in Japanese, which is originally one of the concepts of old swordsmanship in Samurai heritage. It does not only refer to the physical swords as to swordsmanship, but it is a kind of spiritual idea for Samurai warriors. The Samurai warrior was taught to defend with the sword when it is necessary. The Samurai warrior needs to learn proper way of using swords as a weapon for both killing and saving lives. At the same time, it is important to have a deep appreciation and understanding for life, first and foremost.

The Walsh University’s athletic logo has two swords, and it relates to their slogan ‘swords up’. The concept of Katsu-jin-ken had a lot of symbolism between the missions of Shimadzu Corporation and Walsh University as living-sword leaders to make a difference in the quality of life.

Comment from the Person in Charge

Heather Juzwa, Senior Field Sales Engineer of SSI, made the following comment.

The Walsh Shimadzu SPARQ Lab Dedication Day on November 16, 2021 was one of the best professional days of my life.  We celebrated the marriage of missions between two dedicated organizations who exemplify the quality-of-life piece of the SPARQ.  Not only did we host hundreds of key business contacts, we got to influence over 200 high school students by doing experiments with them on Shimadzu instrumentation!  We surely inspired a few future scientists! This dedication is just the start of a long and bright future of Contributing to Society through Science and Technology!

Future Step of the SPARQ Program

SSI and Walsh University will continue to take the next steps to go further with new equipment and SPARQ program. SSI will continuously provide technical assistance for Walsh University by working with students and faculty. It is expected that the program can increase a strong workforce in the United Sates who can compete more globally in science field. “The SPARQ helps students to have international internship opportunities and learn a hands-on science experience to stimulate their future careers beyond graduation,” said Patrick Fromal, Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing, SSI. The SPARQ program will give a big impact on future of both Walsh University and Shimadzu. 

To learn more details about SPARQ program, visit SSI website  


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