March 10, 2022

New Video - “A Precious Anniversary - Shimadzu’s Response to Dementia”

Shimadzu has recently released the video, “A Precious Anniversary - Shimadzu’s Response to Dementia”, to introduce efforts Shimadzu has been making in the fight against dementia and our approach to the fight using our combined technologies in analytical science and medical diagnostic imaging.


Overview of the Video

Across the world, one person develops dementia every three seconds*.

In addition to having a huge impact on the lives of the patients themselves, dementia changes the lives of their families and others around them. It is a significant problem that must be addressed by all of society.

This video presents our efforts and approaches for offering new solutions for the entire health care cycle – from ultra-early examinations to diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis management.

While research on dementia progresses worldwide, no fundamental treatment method has yet been discovered. The causes and mechanisms remain mostly unexplained, and thus, controlling the symptoms and progression through early detection is important.

Alzheimer’s disease, which is the most common cause of dementia, is thought to result in part from an accumulation of a protein known as amyloid-beta. Using analytical and measuring technology as well as medical diagnostic imaging technology, Shimadzu is developing techniques to advance research for predicting the amount of amyloid-beta accumulated in the brain from blood tests using mass spectrometry and to visualize amyloid-beta deposition in the brain using PET systems.

* Source: World Alzheimer Report 2015  by Alzheimer’s Disease International

Comment from the Staff at the Business Strategy Department

Researchers around the world continue to study dementia. We created this video with the hope that Shimadzu technology will play a part in further research. We hope that you pay attention to the main character’s facial expressions and the closeup of her earlobe as the years and precious memories accumulate.


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