1963 (Showa 38) onwards Shimadzu’s full-scale global development

Establishment of Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.

In 1951 (Showa 26), Shimadzu Corporation established an international trade department, and began to increase the number of exports to the United States and other global markets. Then in 1963, the first post-war overseas branch office was established in New York City. Next, sales offices were opened in quick succession in San Francisco, Germany, and other locations, thereby establishing the basis for today’s global network.
In the 1970s, Shimadzu increased its ties with China and countries in the Middle East. Exports to Singapore, Moscow, and other markets followed, increasing Shimadzu’s export rate to 25% by 1984 (Showa 59).
Increasing development led to products that have had a major influence on modern production. These include turbomolecular pumps and DNA sequencers, products which firmly established Shimadzu’s position as a technological leader.
In 1992 (Heisei 4), Shimadzu instituted a management principal of “Realizing Our Wishes for the Well-being of both Mankind and the Earth.” This established a policy of corporate contribution to people and to the planet.

1963 Establishes a New York office
Establishes the Tokyo Research Center
1975 Establishes Shimadzu Sientific Instruments, Inc. in the United States
1979 Establishes Shimadzu Precision Instruments, Inc. in the United States
1980 Establishes the Shimadzu Science Foundation
1983 Begins to manufacture analytical instruments in the United States
1987 Begins to manufacture analytical instruments in Germany
1991 Establishes the Technology Research Laboratory
Establishes the Hadano Works
1992 Establishes Beijing Shimadzu Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., a joint venture in China
1994 Establishes Tianjin-Shimadzu Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd., a joint venture in China
1996 Establishes Shimadzu Philippines Manufacturing, Inc. in the Philippines
1997 Establishes Shimane Shimadzu Corporation, a manufacturing company, in Japan
Establishes Shimadzu Vietnam Medical Hi-Tech Company, Ltd. in Vietnam
Establishes Shimadzu (Hong Kong) Ltd.
1998 Establishes Shimadzu (Suzhou) Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in China
1999 Develops the world’s fastest DNA sequencer
2000 Establishes Dong-il Shimadzu Corporation in Korea