Access to the Memorial Hall shall be on a reservation basis only.

Reservation can be made by phone at least three (3) days before your scheduled visiting date, subject to your recognition of/ agreement to the following conditions/ requests.
People with pre-existing health conditions are still recommended not to try to visit the Memorial Hall for some more time.

  • Closing Days
    Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, and National Holidays
    Note that it is still closed on the weekend and national holidays.
  • Opening Hours
    9:30 to 17:00 (last entry by 16:30)
  • Reservation Request by phone
    9:00 to 17:00 on opening days (TEL:075-255-0980)
  • Guided Inhouse Tours
    Oral presentation of the exhibits by the staff is temporarily suspended.
  • The Total Number of Visitors to stay in the hall simultaneously shall be controlled
    up to twenty (20) people.
  • Staying Time
    Within forty five (45) minutes

Requests to Visitors

  • At the entrance of the Memorial Hall
    • Allow us to check your temperature at the entrance of the hall, and if such symptoms of cold as fever (more than 37.5℃), cough, and the like are measured, you may be requested to refrain from entering the hall.
    • Disinfect your hands with the disinfectant at the entrance.
  • Inside the Memorial Hall
    • Wear a mask covering your mouth, and minimize conversation within the hall.
    • Maintain a social distance from other visitors (preferably two [2] meters).
  • Privacy Policy
    When making a reservation, we ask you to provide your name and emergency contact information so that we may share the information with the public institutions, such as a public health center, who are to be in charge of necessary actions from the viewpoint of public health security.
    Such information provided by you shall be stored carefully for one (1) month and then we ensure it shall be deleted.

Countermeasures by the Memorial Hall to Prevent Infection and Spread of the Virus

  • All personnel wear a mask, disinfect hands necessarily frequently, and strictly observe cough etiquette (to cover their mouth with a tissue or arm when coughing without a mask).
  • A clear acrylic panel is installed at the reception counter to protect from airborne pathogens.
  • The Memorial hall personnel regularly disinfect automatic doors, video controls, and other visitor contact surfaces.
  • Air purifiers are installed and the air conditioning system is properly adjusted to improve inhouse air ventilation.
  • Measures are implemented to ensure social distancing and prevent the risk of infection from contact surfaces, such as restricting sofa use in the rest area, removal of some hands-on exhibits.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding regarding the above-mentioned, and please note that they may change again, depending on how the situation evolves in the future.