Gas Chromatography

A gas chromatograph (GC) is an analytical instrument that measures the content of various components in a sample. The analysis performed by a gas chromatograph is called gas chromatography.
Principle of gas chromatography: The sample solution injected into the instrument enters a gas stream which transports the sample into a separation tube known as the "column." (Helium or nitrogen is used as the so-called carrier gas.) The various components are separated inside the column. The detector measures the quantity of the components that exit the column. To measure a sample with an unknown concentration, a standard sample with known concentration is injected into the instrument. The standard sample peak retention time (appearance time) and area are compared to the test sample to calculate the concentration.

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Nexis GC-2030

Nexis GC-2030, Shimadzu's premier gas chromatograph, offers a modern approach to a classic chromatographic technique. Designed with the user in mind, new innovative features, exceptional performance and high-throughput capabilities will elevate your lab to the next level.

GC-2010 Plus High-end GC

The GC-2010 Plus enables reliable, high-precision trace analysis with high repeatability, utilizing ...

GC-2014 Standard Capillary and Packed GC

Get the high performance of the GC-2010 now also for your routine work. Based on the successful desi...

Eco-Friendly GC-2025

Shimadzu’s new-generation GC-2025 capillary gas chromatograph minimizes environmental impact by redu...

GC-8A Basic GC

The reliable and compact GC-8A is Shimadzu's basic gas chromatograph model for dedicated application...

MDGC/GCMS Series Multi Dimensional GC

The MDGC/GCMS-2020 is a MDGC system that gives excellent separation performance and high reproducibi...


GCsolution is the GC version of Shimadzu's new workstation LabSolutions. GCsolution offers easy oper...

GC Columns & Consumables

GC Consumables are designed to complement your Shimadzu GC-2010 and GC-2014 System.

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GC Columns

Shimadzu supply fused silica, PLOT and metal GC columns which have a wide variety of both general-purpose and application-specific ones.

GC Columns & Consumables

GC Consumables are designed to complement your Shimadzu GC-2010 and GC-2014 System.

Gas Filter

The Shimadzu Super-Clean Gas Filter can remove the impurities (hydrocarbons, moisture and oxygen) and outlet 99.9999% pure gas.


LabSolutions : Analysis Data System Compliant with ER/ES Regulations Progress Configuration of LabSolutions System
CLASS-Agent : Network-compatible Analysis Data Management Tool
C-R8A : Chromatopac Integrator
Waters EmpowerTMShimadzu GC Driver Version 2
OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition GC Driver for Ver. 1.00

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