Shimadzu Review Vol.74 [1・2] (2017) - Healthcare


Development of the X'sy Pro EFX version General Radiography System

by Jumpei Sakaguchi1, Norimasa Hishida1, Susumu Kobayashi2, Masahiro Kawano1, Makoto Murakami 1,
Takashi Sasaki1, Takatoshi Miwa2, Ryo Katsumata1, Takuya Yuasa1, and Akiharu Yamagata1
(Received June 2, 2017)


The X'sy Pro EFX version general radiography system was developed by adding new functionality to the X'sy Pro, a system developed as a general radiography system for clinics and small hospitals. The X'sy Pro EFX version is an integrated system that combines an X-ray tube holder, a radiography table, and an X-ray high voltage generator into one unit, and that enables various combinations to be selected according to the installation environment and type of treatment. The X'sy Pro EFX version has a one-touch guide function that makes it easy for inexperienced operators to prepare for radiography, a smooth positioning for X-ray tube focus, a dose area product calculation function, a removable grid and a soft mat table top that provides comfortable examinations for patients. This model is a radiography system that takes into consideration ease-of-use for operators and that offers low exposure and comfort for patients.

Keywords: X-ray, General Radiography, Compact Design

1Research & Development Department, Medical Systems Division, Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan
2Quality Assurance Department, Medical Systems Division, Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan

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