Research and Development with the Future in Mind

Shimadzu is engaged in the research and development of core technologies that will produce innovative next-generation products, the developments of new products that further improve current products and technologies, and the developments of highly versatile common technologies, including AI, IoT, and robotics. We are also working to respond rapidly to new issues and societal challenges by integrating and promoting technologies and know-how, and to develop the new businesses and technologies required by society in the future.



Message from the CTO

Technological innovation is a major driver behind changes in the world. In my role as CTO, I aim to contribute to the company’s sustainable growth and progress by acquiring new technologies, creating new products and businesses, and coordinating our portfolio of technologies with a view to future changes and the evolution of new technological advances.

Research Areas

Shimadzu carries out research and development of core technologies in the areas of advanced analysis, innovative biotechnology, brain-science and the five senses, and AI.
Shimadzu also focusses on equipment control design and system integration, which play roles as basic product technologies.


Since its establishment in 1875, Shimadzu has developed a variety of technologies, products, and services, based on our corporate culture of responding diligently to the needs of our customers and society. To address the increasingly complex challenges that society faces globally, we are promoting integration of the technological capabilities that we have cultivated over our long history with new knowledge gained through open innovation. In this way, we will create shared value for both society and ourselves and contribute to the development of human health, a safe and secure society, and industry.

Corporate Venture Capital (CVC)

Corporate Venture Capital is an organization established for the purpose of collaborating with startup companies that have innovative technologies or business ideas as a means for open innovation.
In addition to investing in and providing business support for startups with technologies that are highly compatible with Shimadzu, CVC will also ensure the investments and support result in sales growth of Shimadzu products and services or the creation of new businesses.

Intellectual Technologies

Intellectual technologies created in the course of research and development plays a vital role in the realization of the Shimadzu brand statement "Excellence in Science". The "Intellectual Technologies" introduces a variety of technologies and information which Shimadzu is holding intellectual property rights.

Co-Creation and Collaboration Initiatives

Aiming to solve increasingly complex societal challenges, Shimadzu has established three facilities as places for enhancing knowledge and promoting rapid communications to create new value through innovation. We work with outside partners to promote co-creation and collaboration in fundamental technology research at the SHIMADZU Future Collaboratory, application technology development at Shimadzu Tokyo Innovation Plaza, and product development at KYOLABS. Shimadzu is also working on development at the Shimadzu Nagasaki Collaboration Lab, which is focused on leveraging the technological capabilities of Nagasaki Prefecture.

Shimadzu Design

Design appeals to the satisfaction of people using the products. It is also responsible for conveying the developer's thoughts and corporate messages, and is indispensable for deepening communication between customers and companies. For these and other reasons, we continually focus on our design work.

R&D Organization

To support our businesses, achieve additional growth, and promote the development of advanced technologies or the integration of different technologies through joint research and open innovation work with external entities, we are establishing integrated capabilities for activities ranging from research and development to product and application development.

Shimadzu Review

Since its initiation in 1940, Shimadzu Review, the technical publication produced by the Shimadzu Corporation, has been used by many researchers and technology experts.