Shimadzu Review Vol.74[3・4](2017)
Sensor devices


Development of Solid-State Microchip UV Laser for Mass Spectroscopy

by Rakesh Bhandari, Ph.D.1Tomoyuki Hiroki1Shingo Uno1Naoya Ishigaki1Jiro Saikawa, Ph.D.1Koji Tojo1and Yasuhiro Yamakage1

Shimadzu Review 74[3・4] (2017.12)


Traditionally, nitrogen gas lasers have been used in Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization (MALDI) mass spectroscopy systems. Recently, solid-state lasers have begun to be used, but they have the drawbacks of long pulse width, large size, and high cost.
We have developed a very compact, solid-state microchip UV laser that has a sub-nanosecond pulse width. It uses a patented technique to pump a monolithic laser cavity with a free-space beam to reduce the size and cost.
The 1064 nm fundamental wave is converted to the third-harmonic 355 nm UV using sum-frequency generation. An output of > 30 µJ pulse energy and a 600 ps pulse width with a repetition rate of 1 to 50 Hz is obtained from a palm-top size laser.
This newly developed laser enables high-resolution and cost effective desktop MALDI mass spectroscopy equipment to be achieved. It has the potential to revolutionize the way this equipment is used in hospitals, laboratories, and even space missions.

Keywords: Microchip laser, UV laser, Third-harmonic generation, Mass spectroscopy, MALDI

1Sensor Device Business Unit, Device Department, Shimadzu Corporation, Kanagawa, Japan

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