Shimadzu Review Vol.74[3・4](2017)
Sensor devices


Development of Periodically Poled Devices for Broadband Frequency Entangled Photon Pair Generation

by Mamoru Hisamitsu1Kazuya Inoue1Kazutomo Kadokura1and Katsuhiko Tokuda1

Shimadzu Review 74[3・4] (2018.1)


We have developed and manufactured periodically poled devices for wavelength conversion. We also have developed slave waveguides to generate entangled photon pairs based on know-how that we accumulated in this area. Since these devices are used for quantum optical coherence tomography (OCT), which requires broadband entangled photon pairs, we adopted a linear chirped periodically polled pattern (chirp rate: 0, 3, 6.7, 10%). The devices are used in the research project, "Research on the efficient generation of the broadband frequency entangled photons and their applica-tions" (project leader: Professor Shigeki Takeuchi, Kyoto University), funded through the Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology (CREST) funding program. The improvement in spontaneous parametric down conversion (SPDC) efficiency by the waveguides is expected to accelerate quantum OCT.

Keywords: Periodically poled structure, MgSLT, Waveguide, Entangled photon pair, SPDC, Quantum optical coherence tomography, OCT

1Sensor Device Business Unit, Device Department, Shimadzu Corporation, Kanagawa, Japan

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